We all remember when crazy Charlie Manson used a recording of a conversation he had taped with his dog about attending a party at Dennis Wilson’s place on the night of the Sharon Tate murders to vindicate himself from guilt in the crime… and the case against him was dismissed. Or when Al Capone tied a witness into a chair in the courtroom during his trial and threatened to kill the witness and his family if he did not testify in a way that pleased him.


You don’t remember those things?

Because they didn’t happen?

Well, we are not likely to forget the reporting of Politico reporter Betsy Woodruff pointing out to Nicole Wallace that Russian Intelligence produced a report distancing themselves from collusion with the Trump Campaign prior to the 2016 election which Trump himself declassified and which duly made it’s way into the Durham report.

We’ll remember this because it really happened:

Raw Story

“Speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace shortly after the over 300-page report was released, Politico reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan walked through her observations.

She began with something she said was like a kind of disclaimer directed to Donald Trump himself. The report explained that there were a number of people who probably had bad judgment but that they didn’t break the law.

“He says federal law doesn’t make it illegal for campaigns to engage in unethical or uncomfortable campaign tactics, and he says that prosecutors have to make sure that if they’re charging people with crimes, the charges are against criminal activity,” Woodruff Swan explained. “What’s implicit there is Durham signaling while he found lots of information he believes to be interesting and important, so much of his findings simply did not rise to the level of criminality, and that gets to one really important piece of putting this Durham report in context — which is that it is likely to leave President Trump, former President Trump and his supporters disappointed.”

It is certainly kind of Durham to point out that no laws were broken before he upends his Santa’s bag full of toys coyly alleging that there were upon the nation’s living room floor for the Trumpist brats to play with.


And where did Santa Durham obtain some of his info clearing all the colluders and damning Federal Law enforcement?

“He homes in on intelligence declassified by the Trump administration where the U.S. intelligence community got intelligence from Russia that was Russian intelligence analysis, alleging that the Clinton campaign had decided to push claims about Trump and Russia as a way of distracting the American public from her e-mail scandal and Durham goes into this in detail. I have to say and Durham says, Durham was not able to verify that was true.”

When he asked Clinton about it, she called it crazy. When he spoke to Jake Sullivan, previously on the Clinton campaign and now serves as the United States national security advisor, he also said it was false.“

Here are Nicole and Swan dishing it up on you tube:

What a proud moment this must be for Durham’s family, who have watched him tie his already questionable Republican/Trump Hack legacy to the mizzen of the sinking U.S.S. Trump, watching as he then proceeds to set fire to the whole stinking garbage scow and rush to a lifeboat.

As Swan’s reporting illustrates, John Durham relied at least partially in his report on Russian propaganda produced after the scandal came to light, which Donald Trump thought worthy of declassification.

So what are you gonna believe, folks, Durham or the truth?

For some people this is actually an option.

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  1. So these agents didn’t know about a piece of Russian propagand and that is significant? That is what Santa for Satan is crying about? Am I understanding this?

  2. First of all I can’t say I’m surprised at Durham imitating Barr and writing a summary that’s highly misleading. (Maybe Barr quietly decided to help Durham out?) Based on a RUSSIAN intelligence report that after four years as Woodruff-Swan notes Durham & his team couldn’t come anywhere near close to finding actual information/evidence indicating the allegations in that RUSSIAN document were true. Never forget though that disgraceful joint presser with Trump and Putin as, with Putin looking over and smirking (He might as well have been dangling one of those thingamagigs they use to manipulate hand puppets complete with strings hanging down over Trump – with a sign that said “Good boy Donald!) where Trump said he had more trust in Putin’s word than anything our own intelligence agencies might tell him! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if when getting his marching orders after being appointed Durham was shown video of that moment and handed a copy of that RUSSIAN intelligence report!

    Second, this journalist is okay I guess but there’s a reason she works for Politico. She’s not hard-core, and often fair but I used to see her a lot on various news shows giving reports or being a panelist and my impression was she leaned a tad conservative. And Politico has always been that way & even gotten a bit more so. It’s sure as hell no bastion of liberal news reporting.

    As for that FBI agent (who?) that complained “I shoulda known about that!) maybe his/her superiors didn’t want him/her to waste investigative resources on something that had already been competently vetted and found to be bullsh!t. There was plenty of legitimate stuff to pursue after all. Perhaps that agent and others like him/her are all butt-hurt because a piece of trash that THEIR confirmation bias of Trump being unfairly investigated wasn’t passed along?

    It was an unprededented investigation. One I might add got short-circuited due to the machinations of Rod Rosenstein who soaked up tons of accolades while engaging in an appalling level of sleaziness behind the scenes. He quickly redefined Mueller’s original broad mandate to look at everything to one where Mueller laid off the Russian collusion stuff – anything he turned up on those lines he’d hand over to Rosenstein to give to the FBI. Meanwhile Wray was told Mueller would be doing the heavy lifting on the matter so the FBI was rather uncertain on how hard to press with significant leads or even decision making as to who would do what. It’s no wonder things got out of sorts at times.

    Here’s the thing though – a couple of YEARS ago the FBI took a hard look and saw where and how it could have done better and implemented improvements starting I think even before the IG’s report. A report which btw Durham took the unprecedented (for a Special Prosecutor in particular) step of publicly trashing!

    I’d say Durham’s report would be best used as toilet paper but even sh!t deserves to be wiped away with something better!

  3. “Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”
    American politics has become a bad country western song and all the performers sing flat.

  4. November 2024 will be our nation’s final exam. We will either demonstrate that the majority of us care about our children’s future, and vote for democracy and TRUTH, or we will be led into Hell with the most selfish and moronic sociopaths that money can buy. We still have the vote. As Ben Franklin said about the founders/rebels of our country, “we shall hang together, or surely we will hang separately.” So true.

    • Although some have questioned whether the exchange actually took place, after the delegates had voted approval of the new Constitution and sending it to the states for ratification Benjamin Franklin was as he was leaving the building asked by a woman “What sort of government have you given us Mr. Franklin?” His reply – “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Even if as naysayers want to claim that exchange never took place I’m certain many conversations along those lines did as the delegates went on about their businesses in the days and weeks ahead. “A Republic, if you can keep it.” It’s been challenging at times and we’ve almost lost it. We are on the verge of losing it again and don’t anyone think for a moment that a resounding or even solid victory in 2024 will be the end of this current challenge. No, those who would destroy our system and replace it with authoritarian rule have tools to continue their attack on representative democracy that in the past such people couldn’t even dream of.

      Like the Klan, they are a virus much like say the shingles virus. (Trust me, if you’ve been lucky enough to never have an outbreak you don’t want to!) the best that can be done is to force it into dormancy. Yes, there’s a vaccine for it now just as there are other vaccines that have for a time almost eradicated some awful diseases. Almost. Because of anti-vax idiots even things like polio are starting to make a comeback! Societal diseases like racism, sexism and even classism that manifests as authoritarianism can’t truly be killed off – only rendered dormant for a time.

  5. Wikipedia:
    “De lana caprina (About goat’s wool) is a Latin phrase … used in reference to something being talked about to highlight the futility or superfluity of discussing it, as it has no importance or pertinence to the topic of discussion. Although the celebrated mohair and cashmere are goat’s wool, the latter were exotic textile fibers external to the Roman world. The expression is quoted by Quintus Horace Flaccus in his Epistulae, considering that goat’s wool was considered poor and of low value.”

    I have no idea WTF this discussion about Durham is even about. It just sounds like a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.


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