This will make you want to pop a vessel, it’s so blatantly dishonest. However, it does have its comical side, because it shows how terrified the GOPers are. The Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the Georgia Republican party today filed an “emergency appeal” to stop “illegal advance voting.”

“Illegal advance voting?” You mean, like in early voting? And now that’s suddenly illegal?

Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch but the bottom line is when you’re losing, you need to use whatever tool you’ve got to stay working, and right now the monkey wrench is the tool of the hour. It just got thrown into the procedural works. It’s called “sabotaging democracy” and the same party that is filled with members who cry “election fraud” are now out to stop advance voting by filing these absurd petitions.

Now before you pop a vessel, know two things: 1) Early voting has already begun in Douglas County, because Brad Raffensperger allowed it, since the November 8 General Election ballots have been certified. Plus, a Georgia judge ruled that early voting could take place on November 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

In the ruling, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Cox Jr. wrote that after he “considered the moving papers, arguments of counsel, and references to legal authority,” he found that Georgia law didn’t bar polls from opening on November 26.

Cox in the ruling wrote that state law “does not specifically prohibit counties from conducting advanced voting on Saturday, November 26, 2022, for a runoff election.”

This has got the Republicans all knotted up and in a tither, because they already asked an appellate court to block this ruling, the appellate court told them to get screwed and so now they’re going to the state supreme court, by gosh and by golly.

The good news is that the appellee, the Democratic Party of Georgia, will file a response tomorrow morning. They had 24 hours notice, or less, but I have no doubt but that they will get the job done.

If we had only a fraction of the money that has been blown, in the State of Georgia in particular, on ludicrous recounts and frivolous litigation like this, the public coffers would be a lot fatter, I’ll you what.

The poll that apparently got them so incensed was done by AARP and shows Raphael Warnock leading at 51% to Walker’s 47%.

But the details are even sweeter. Warnock leads younger voters, 18 to 49, by a 24-point margin. Damn. I mean, that is impressive. Walker holds a nine point lead among voters over 50, which is also impressive. And the moral of the story is, as always, Get Out The Vote.

This race has been a circus from the outset, expect it to be that way in the days to come, down to the finish line. Here’s a snippet from Walker’s latest appearance with his BFFs Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, talking about his “erection.” I don’t think this has been doctored, Acyn is an extremely reliable source.

That’s the best of the GOP, friends, right there, up on the screen. Take a good look. Take a picture so your grandchildren can know, too.


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  1. Idiots are once again just hurting themselves. Not only are they confirming for the 18-49 demographic that they’re making the right choice by going Dem, they’re also making it harder for their own aging, health-poor voters to get a vote in as well (assuming the stunt works, which is less than certain).

  2. Bozo – 1 AND Bozo – 2, one on either side of Master BOZO – 3 !!

    Take your pick for designated Bozo terms … the CREAM of the GOP VD clinic stars?

    If THIS IS the best they can come up with, McTurtle has a LOT of work ahead to unify the GOP back into the pig crap pool it has become … Dumb A** McCarthy has been drooling and bosting that Republicans are going to disrupt ALL Democracy left in Congress, oh yea, the GOP has already, {FIRED}, Pelosi, hard to do when they can’t even provide a solid platform and only negative projections on future actions, with Pelosi’s employment locked in until end of this Congress structure …

    The shape of things seems to be heading to that award-winning poor-me, Trump-a-thon, wherever it comes to the long-awaited pink slip call to Court for Trump’s long list of charges, guilty calls and punishment actions … It’s becoming MORE clear that the Criminal AND Political, not to mention NYC/State list contain HUGE amounts of evasive tax dodges and International money scrubbing, DJT will go down in History as the world’s biggest loser, the worst so-called president of these United States of America … EVER !!

  3. Has it ever occurred to the dimwits in the GQP that they can also have early voting in ‘their’ districts?

    Re Walker and ‘erection’ – hopefully it will read ‘ejection;

  4. Considering the fact that Rick.Scott and Mitch want to abolish Social.Security (which would put us living in our car with 3xcats and not much left over for food and gas after the car payment) I am not surprised that some older people don’t avant Walker as Senator.


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