Again, if a screenwriter wrote this, you would say, “Dude, that’s too on the nose and utterly improbable. Go back to the drawing board.” This is a little much for me to wrap my head around, but I guess it makes sense that co-conspirator number one, none other than America’s Mayor, is having a conniption fit. Here’s Rudy melting down on Newsmax and slamming paperwork and yelling at Jack Smith.

I think Rudy knows he’s going to jail.

This isn’t about free speech, Rudy, this is about trying to overthrow the government and inciting a riot. This is about stonewalling the peaceful transfer of power that has been our tradition since George Washington. This is about…..oh, never mind. Why am I talking to a wet brain?

But you’ve got to admit that Rudy giving Jack Smith advice on his legal career is simply nothing that you expected to hear before you want to bed tonight, right?

Rudy, when you talk to Jack Smith, you need to say the magic words, “I’ll cooperate.”

Oh, and Rudy, this is important. Are any of the guys you put away back when you were a federal prosecutor still in the slammer? I was just thinking that might be awkward. Know what I mean?

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  1. He said something about never putting up with bullies in his life. What about the 2 black women he slandered, ruined their lives and now they are suing him? So, when he acts like a bully, it doesn’t count? Only when others do it to him.

  2. My reaction when I read the headline was SEA STORY. I mean, seriously? Really? That’s what I thought. Some sh*t just seems to crazy to be true. A “Sea Story.” For those not familiar with terminology in the Naval Service Sea Stories are a “thing.” So you ask what the hell is a Sea Story? The best definition goes: What’s the difference between a fairy tale and a Sea Story? A Fairy Tale begins with “Once up a time”, while a Sea Story begins with “Your’e not gonna believe THIS shi*t!”

    The thing about Sea Stories though is that incredible as some are, some of them are actually true!

  3. We are going to see a lot of this in the near future: people who have been sky-diving without a parachute and are suddenly becoming aware of the impact of their actions.



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