This is too, too funny. The Good Liars is a comedy group that interviews Trump supporters, only on this occasion they turned the tables and got interviewed by major Trump supporters, to wit, Right Side Broadcasting.

Jason Selvig, who is one half of the Good Liars, did a segment with an oblivious Right Side host, whose days are probably going to be numbered at the network.

Selvig sounds very matter of fact but if you listen to what he says, it’s totally incendiary. That’s the gag. The interviewer isn’t listening, he’s just filling air time.

It goes without saying that the Good Liars were immediately blocked from Real America’s Voice. That’s the first of the rolling heads. What happens internally now will be quite a show, I have no doubt.

Talk about clueless.

The kid in the MAGA hat, the one who looks like the dueling banjo boy from Deliverance, knows what was up. He’s smirking away. The interviewer didn’t catch that either.

And actually, probably 80% of the listening audience on RSBN didn’t hear what was said. They’re comatose. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be MAGAs.

What I wouldn’t give to hear the shrieks and wails of the “news director” and CEO right about now.


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    • What I found hilarious is that the troll, Selvig, said “Or, Donald Trump lost by 7 million votes.” And the interviewer didn’t stop him. In that world, that’s practically heresy. You don’t say those kinds of things. The interviewer wasn’t listening. He was filling air time.

  1. Cult members aren’t open to information. They are a closed loop of lies, fragmented knowledge, and false hopes. Doesn’t matter if they are holding a microphone or sitting in front of TV cameras. The song remains the same.


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