Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap…Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap   AC/DC

Those of you who know me know that I’ve long been highly complimentary of the Biden Democrats. After a couple of decades playing Lucy and the football with McConnell, the two old war horses, Biden and Schumer grew a pair, and they don’t mind taking them out for a spin. In the first weeks of the Biden presidency, McConnell and the GOP badly underestimated the resolve of both Biden and Schumer, and has been back on his heels ever since.

More recently, I raved about Biden doing something I was already advocating for. Stop referring to the GOP as Republicans or the GOP, and instead Biden started referring to them as the extremist MAGA party of Trump. He did it every chance he got, in speech after speech, and again caught McConnell flat-footed. After all, if the MAGA morons want to be the face of the party?, shine a spotlight on them and put clowns face over it. Other Democrats have picked up the drumbeat, and the GOP doesn’t seem to have the answer.

But now it’s time to take it to the next level, and put the national GOP between a rock and a very nother hard rock. And once again it’s because of yet another in an endless chain of senseless tragedies. The slaughter of 10 African americans in a supermarket by a deranged white supremacist. But here’s the kicker. In his rambling, disjointed, incomprehensible screed posted online before the attack, the shit head said something that pretty much anybody who watches the news should already be familiar with.

He claimed he was acting, at least in part, on the long debunked, European originated, nonsensical Replacement Theory. The theory is as simple as it is ludicrous. Basically it goes like this, Democrats are importing minorities over the border to make citizens out of them give them the vote, and in so doing replace white, Christian voters who have been here for centuries. The simple fact is that illegal immigrants can’t vote!, and even legal immigrants face a 6-10 year struggle to be sworn in as citizens, and get the right to vote. But hell, it fits on a bumper sticker.

If you’ve heard of the Replacement Theory, it’s likely because it is a nightly staple of FUX News despicable open sewer, Fucker Carlson. Carlson has gone all-in on this nonsense, spewing it out nightly in extended rants on how the Democrats are trying to turn America into a minority majority country at the expense of white Christian citizens. And the far right racist fascists love it, and Carlson’s ratings are soaring, as well as his name recognition on far right racist sites online.

But it isn’t just the unholy FUX triumvirate of Carlson, Ingraham, and Hannity that are spouting this shit like Moby Dick in a cesspool. It’s being mainstreamed in the national GOP. Despicable neo-fascist Paul Gosar is happy to talk about it right out in the open. So is Laborious MTG. Hell, even Elise Stefanik, the third highest ranking member of GOP House leadership, will talk about it all day without ever actually calling it out by name.

So here’s where you turn the screws if you’re the Democrats. You’ve already done a great job of rebranding the GOP as the extremist MAGA party or wing. Now you put the cherry on top. Now you rebrand it as the Tucker Carlson MAGA Replacement Theory party. This has the added bonus that it will drive Fucker Carlson insane. While he loves the adoration of his fans, he absolutely hates being called out for the filth he spews. He goes directly into colicky infant mode, waving his hands around and squalling.

This is a winner for Democrats. Mainly because, unlike the GOP’s chosen poison in the culture wars arena, critical race theory, the Replacement Theory is something that is simple and easy for anyone to understand. And the Democrats need to start branding the GOP as the Carlson MAGA Replacement Theory party immediately.

Because every single Democratic candidate, incumbent and challenger can challenge every GOP opponent, incumbent or challenger with one simple question in every rally speech, Do you subscribe to the GOP Replacement Theory, or don’t you? They can do the same thing in every debate. And most of these candidates are going to want to go on Carlson’s show to spice up their donation base. And Democrats can put together attack ads showing them buddying up to Carlson, and then cut to Carlson spewing out Replacement Theory bullshit.

Please Democrats, I beg you, just do me and yourselves this one solid. Because the way these primaries seem to be shaking out, we’re going to have a smorgasbord of far right loonies to run against. And the one thing that they will never do it to turn away from the orthodoxy of MAGA. It’s time to make them pay for it.


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  1. Tell them replacement theory is as old as humans: we die, and are replaced by babies. We’re dead and don’t have a say in it. Wanna complain? Talk to Jeebus.


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