Robert Herring is the CEO of OAN and maybe this is just his favorite wet dream that he decided to go on Twitter and share. Herring claims to have heard from “somebody very close” to Elon Musk that Musk is Jonesing to buy OAN. Last we knew, Musk was trying to wriggle out of the Twitter deal and not have to pay the One Billion Dollars penalty for doing so.

Daily Beast is reporting that Musk shot down the rumor, if that’s what it is, within an hour of Herring sharing it.

Pop quiz, now: What are the possibilities?

  1. Musk said it as a joke and somebody took him seriously and called Herring?
  2. OAN is so used to creating fake news that they create it about themselves?
  3. A prankster called OAN posing as a Musk insider, just to play troll?
  4. Robert Herring has become so crazed and desperate that he thinks that mentioning Musk’s name in this context will set off a bidding war amongst other billionaires?
  5. Something weirder still, see my comment below.

Just another normal day in American political culture.

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    • You might be right. And people on Twitter are saying the same thing. If you guys are right, then think about what that says about Herring. That he would even believe it in the first place, let alone announce it on Twitter, shows how out of it he is.


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