This is too nutty to be real but not when you consider the source. Kristi Noem assassinated her political career far more effectively than any Democratic opponent could have ever done when she wrote about killing her puppy, adding, “I hated that dog.” Noem steadfastly maintains that the anecdote is a testament both to her transparency and her ability to “make tough decisions.” You cannot convince the woman (and many TV news show hosts have tried) that it doesn’t play out that way. It plays out as her being an awful person. And this clip demonstrates that you can add “treasonous” and “violent” to the list of Noem descriptors.

Now naturally Noem’s cohorts realized that she has screwed up, bigly.

And this is correct. Had she phrased it, “They were willing to get their hunting rifles BUT all WE need to do is go out and vote,” this discussion wouldn’t be taking place. She knew what she was saying and the audience knew what she was saying. And it wasn’t about getting out the vote or killing them at the ballot box. Ms. Puppy Murderer was talking about something else entirely.

The violent rhetoric may play well to this audience. And Turning Point USA may be the only place where Noem is still relevant after she’s done with her career in politics. Donald Trump is not going to do a Mike Pence 11th hour save for her. Yes, in theory, it’s possible. Anything is possible with Trump and he may pick the “beautiful” (not on the inside, the outside is a matter of opinion) South Dakota governor. But I doubt it.

Noem is hated in her own state. She’s banned from setting foot on any of the tribal lands because she’s a liar who has mischaracterized and slandered the tribes with talk of drug trafficking.

What she is first rate at is playing Trump’s TV politician game. She’s cultivated the look and the rhetoric and she depends upon that to get her into national politics. Wrong. It’s getting her into the ash heap of history, where she belongs. She’ll forevermore have an asterisk beside her name as the puppy killing, tone deaf politician who enraged people on both sides of the cultural divide with her cruelty to animals.

Americans may differ on many things, but we love our cats and dogs, our horses and goats, and birds and other pets as much as we love anything. Kristi Noem is not a politician for anybody except a few tone deaf extremists like herself.

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  1. Great idea noem. I like getting permission from a piece of shit c*nt like you to aim my firearm right at that worthless head of yours. Thank you for letting us go ahead with this. I take it we can show up in s.d. in November armed and ready to take your ass out correct?

    dumb f*cking c*nt

  2. Kristi…be careful what you ask for. It’s so easy for the rich pampered and well protected to call for a civil war. There are millions of true patriots who aren’t unarmed harmless puppies waiting to be shot. Some may shoot back. A violent insurrection met a violent end the 1800s. Remember your history? Try reading a book while you’re having your manicure and pedicure done beatch!

  3. You know, if someone like Ilhan Omar or AOC had said a TENTH as incendiary as what Noem had, then you just know the likes of “Madhatter” would’ve been railing to the heavens about how liberals just love to resort to violence.


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