A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client

Yesterday I wrote that Trump’s criminal lawyers are so worried about Trump being indicted by the DOJ, they’re  preemptively negotiating with the DOJ as to what conversations with close advisors due to issues of executive privilege. Now it turns out that they’ve been talking for longer than we thought.

Every lawyer and legal analyst I’ve heard from all believe this ploy is a broken down suitcase. In other words, It won’t sell. US courts all the way up to the SCOTUS have affirmed that privilege lies with the current President, not the former one. The only thing Trump’s lawyers can do is to go to court to try to quash subpoenas for the advisors, which will do nothing but slow the process, and Trump is nowhere near a stale date on the statute of limitations. And nothing they do in federal court will slow down Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

But here’s the part that I love the most. There’s an even better reason for Trump’s criminal lawyers to be scared shitless. Look, if you’re ever charged with a crime, or even investigated for one, and you get a lawyer, his first words are going to be, Outside of this office, you shut up. You don’t talk to your mother, your lover, or your priest about this. I’m the only one you talk to. This is simple common sense based on the old WWII slogan Loose lips sink ships.

But according to new reporting today, not only is Trump still adamant that he’ll never be indicted, he won’t stop talking to the same former close allies the DOJ is actively investigating! This includes his former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, the man allegedly engineering the witness intimidation attempt against Cassidy Hutchinson.

Everybody knows that Traitor Tot is the worlds’ worst client. He is notorious for not paying his legal bill, but also for completely disregarding legal advice he doesn’t want to take. And it’s about to land him in federal prison.

Just try to follow the logic, because it’s just too funny for words. Trump’s lawyers are on their hind legs trying to keep the DOJ from talking to former Trump advisors under claims of privilege. But even if they were at least partially successful, any claims that Trump to privilege disappeared on January 20th, when he boarded Air Force 1 to go back to his gaudy dump.

There is nothing that Trump’s lawyers can do stop the DOJ from interviewing these former advisors on the content of conversations and phone calls that took place after Trump left office. But since Trump’s middle name is felonious intent, if any of those conversations deal with illegal activity in the White House, and you know it will, then it’s game over. The DOJ now has the Crime/Fraud Exemptions, and not does it free that advisor from privilege, it frees up all of the advisors, because you only have to prove criminal intent once.

It may take a while, but eventually what goes around comes around. Trump has skated for more than 50 years being hands down one of the dumbest criminals in history. But that was because he was too puny spuds to waste the time and effort on. Trying to overthrow the government is a wee more serious, and these people aren’t screwing around. There is no way this ends well for Trump. And good riddance!


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  1. Good thing he only used mob lawyers. If he were actually in the mob, he would have ended up in an industrial incinerator after a couple of .22 caliber bullets were introduced to his cranium. They don’t tolerate loose lips.

    • Or he would be sleeping with fishes the size of sharks. Somewhere in the ,Long Island Sound. Wearing concrete boots.
      the Hudson got too crowded c for body disposal. Off shoreisbetter.

    • Was that a bit of snark using only the letter p? If so, and you’re a fan of old movies imagine Fred Astaire, dancing in White Tie and singing:
      “Showers…Golden showers: Raining through the bars into my prison cell!”

  2. Ask my mother always say you might get by but you will never get away. And now Trump your time is up. See once you thought you was God and above the law now you see you now above the law, and you sure not God
    Your time is up and prison is your nxt chapters. See with all your lies now they caught up this CON Artist that was called President. Now do you Trumpeters still don’t see the trusted. PRISON IS CALLING YOU ALL NAME the TRUMP family 👪 Trump dad, Don, Jr., Ivanka, Eric. Who in there right mind would bury there ex wife on there golf course. No one, but a fool like Trump. But see I see thru the reason so that way they can’t try to take it after they seize everything. Remember Trump always trying to get over on the government. Like he was saying about Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, Biden/Harris, lock them up lock them up. Now need to be saying “LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP

  3. I’d say this: That Bird of Paradise is going to have a real chore flying up Trump’s nose with Trump’s head so far up his rear …

    But, since I am a gentle man, not known for such comments, I’ll just say that when the Mob got to Epstein, they forgot what Trump REALLY OWED THEM …

    If Trump is not sweating bullets by now, somebody needs to see if he still has a pulse … (:

  4. Murf I really hope you’re correct. The rule of law must hold 45 accountable – for something! If BHO or any other Dem had done a smidgeon of what 45 has done – IMO, there would already have been an accounting. I don’t know if he’ll ever see the inside of a prison. I think his family will declare him demented or some such. I pity any psychiatrist who would evaluate him and tell the truth. Malignant Narcisssit/Psychopath?

  5. Too many jerks want to be like them. Maybe Garland will show them the error of their ways. With isolation 24 hours a day. That would drive them nuts. No one to lie or brag to would put them over the edge.

    • \IIRC Solitary is isolation 23 hours a day with 1 hour of exercise. But, believe me, 23 hous is plenty. It’s not soundproofed, and you are surrounded by a cacoplhony of every lou and inexplicable noise that a prison can produce. Also, the hour of exercise migh, for Trump**, be the worst hour of the day. No golf in prison.

  6. MY Biggest worry is that the next Republican President gets in office they just pardon him. I do not think President should be allowed to pardon people who are in there own party and work as politicians. It just reeks of corruption and favoritism instead of justice.

  7. Or he would be sleeping with fishes the size of sharks. Somewhere in the ,Long Island Sound. Wearing concrete boots.e Hudson got too crowded for body disposal. Off shore is better.

  8. You cannot pardon co-conspirators.
    The entire republiCLOWN party are co-conspirators along with many, many “judges” at the federal level.

  9. It is not just who HAS the right to executive privilege, but how it can be used. It became pretty clear with Watergate that even a sitting president cannot exercise executive privilege as an incumbent seeking reelection if the issue pertains to his election campaign or actions involving anything other than his official presidential responsibilities. That is how the Nixon tapes were made public inasmuch as they had to do with his reelection efforts. This any strategies or plots regarding the 2030 election cannot be covered by privilege, even if Trump still had the right to use it, which he does not! The same applies to discussions with White House counsel, not acting as Trump’s personal attorney, but as a government official.

  10. Wow I read all these ridiculous comments from you ridiculous demonrats. One thing I noticed, that every si gle comment had, was terrible grammar, spelling, and typos. (Which I’m giving the benefit of the doubt on saying there was typos, most likely just misspelling) It is very hard to take you serious, or to drive a point home with so many errors. But hey… GO OFF!!! TRUMP 2024!!! LETS GO BRANDON!!!
    P.S. How do you all feel now that he is gone and everything costs an arm and a leg these days?? That is of course if there is even anything on the shelves to buy. (Must be Putins’ fault I know HAHAHA

    • Maybe before trying to play the role of grammar and spelling cop you should learn grammar and spelling. Or, if you actually do know such things then take a couple of minutes to proofread and edit before posting.



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