The following is a press release from Lincoln Project, released yesterday. No Labels is the linchpin which could take MAGA madness and Donald Trump and put them back in the White House again. This is the stuff of nightmares.

September 25, 2023 – Last week, the Associated Press reports that No Labels – a secretive DC-based, dark money funded organization attempting to put a third party candidate on the presidential ballot in 2024 – registered over 15,000 voters in the swing state of Arizona. 

In 2020, President Biden won Arizona by less than 11,000 votes in large part because right-leaning Independents and Moderate Republicans crossed party lines out of disgust for Donald Trump. Many of these voters are classified as “Double Haters,” or those who did not like either major party nominee. Nationally, they went for Biden by 35% in 2020. 

Despite No Labels’ claims they will not spoil a Joe Biden victory, the party registration demonstrates they are pulling from the exact voters who delivered him the state: Republicans who crossed party lines in 2020. 

On the other side of the ledger, the Democrats and moderate independents joining the No Labels party are similarly affected; they do not want Trump but would like an alternative to Biden. Without a third party in the race, it can be assumed they would otherwise vote for Biden again. 

15,000 voters is not enough to win Arizona in 2024, but it is enough to swing the state for Donald Trump. This explains why so many Republican donors and staffers are joining the Labels. Because the data clearly shows that No Labels acts as a Biden spoiler.

Key data points from the AP ARTICLE:

“About half of registrants in August were formerly independent and another quarter were newly registered, according to Sam Almy, a Democratic data analyst based in Phoenix. The rest came mostly from the two major parties: 14% were previously Democrats and 11% had been Republicans.”

“While only about a quarter of the newly registered No Labels members came from the major parties, they’re much likelier to vote. About 63% of the former Democrats and 65% of the former Republicans voted in 2020, while only 45% of the former independents cast a ballot.”

In this day and age, politics is like football, it’s a game won in inches. In 2016 about 72,000 votes decided the election. The margin was even tighter in 2020, about 45,000. The configuration of the House of Representatives was decided by about 6,000 votes. Trump is all elated over an outlier poll which shows him 10 points ahead of Biden. Nobody is ten points ahead in this day and age. It’s all marginal and cutthroat because we are so polarized.

No Labels knows this. They know that their job is simple: all they have to do is bleed away enough votes from the Democratic ticket and Trump and the Republicans will be restored to power.

Even Fox News acknowledges No Labels helps the Republicans.

This is where democracy will remain or will fall. I believe that. I am personally terrified of No Labels and from everything I’ve seen and read, you should be too. We need to expose No Labels for what it is and what it stands for. It’s a Republican shadow operation, period.

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  1. Never underestimate the absolute STUPIDITY of the American voter. After watching these fascist,(gop), commit crime after crime against humanity BECAUSE so many stupidly voted for Jill stein and bought trump’s lies, we are prepared to do it again. This time it will be worse. It will be the end of American democracy, and the establishment of a fascist dictator who will them do unimaginable cruelty ON OUR GODDAMN SOIL. FACT. Anyone who believes otherwise has their head up their arse. Even after all the evil killing, Hitler lived in his own evil delusion right up to the moment he killed himself. When it dawned on the nazis that the Russians were closing in, they altered the train tracks at the death camps to take prisoners closer to the crematoriums. They SPEEDED up their killing. Then when it was clear they would be discovered, they tried to hide the evidence. What makes any rational person think the gop would stop Trump and his cult from exercising every avenue to erase and exact revenge on his perceived enemies. AMERICA…START PAYING ATTENTION!!!! If you are too ignorant, lazy, distracted or evil to stop them with the goddamn vote, what makes anyone believe our citizens would rise up if it meant getting arrested or shot? No phucking chance. Goodbye America. Goodbye habitable planet. SO LONG CHILDREN!!

    • At least Ralph Nader, former perennial Green Party candidate for President, has come out in support of Biden… for whatever it’s worth to peel off some Green Party voters from the other 3rd Party Candidate for 2024 POTUS – Green Party candidate Cornell West. Nader has stated that we must back Biden, this is not a time for 3rd Party Candidates because if Trump were to win, it’s the end of America as we know it with a hard right straight to a fascist dictatorship.

  2. When people are talking about Arizona, seems like no one mentions Prop 207, legalizing marijuana as a coattail factor in Joe Biden winning Arizona. Biden won by 11,000 votes while marijuana won by 650,000 votes. According to Wikipedia, registered voters/turnout was 79.9 percent.

    Hard to believe that it will be that high again next year (no pun intended).

    • With Arizona being a major swing state and attracting heavy national & local attention and money… Plus major high profile down-ballot battles in the Senate and House (such as Ruben Gallego who will likely replace Krysten Sinema in a 3-way race for US Senate), expecting there to be little if any drop-off in 2024 from the 79.9% turnout in 2020.

  3. it’s really as easy as that song by the great Jackson 5…..ABC….so simple…. fascism or …we all comitt our fare share to the greater good..just thinking..

  4. I’m actually feeling pretty good about Arizona going to Biden in 2024 despite No Labels nefarious actions there. Look at how many millions of $ Peter Thiel poured into Arizona in 2020 for his fascist candidates to no avail. For every vote No Labels peels off for Bobby Kennedy Jr., from Dems and Independents there will be new AZ Native American voters registered who never voted before in 2024. There is no group of voters that votes heavier in Arizona for Dems than Native Americans. Some NA precincts in Arizona voted 98% for Biden/Harris in 2020. One of the reasons for this is a woman by the name of Ann Kirkpatrick who recently served in the US House as a Dem representing AZ-2. She grew up within the White Mountain Apache Tribe boundaries, speaks Apache, and has always backed up Native Americans. Another reason is a number of local NA groups that started becoming active jumping through loopholes to assist & register new NA voters in Arizona since 2015 who have only expanded its activities since then. Up until then less than 25% of NAs in AZ voted in elections, and there are close to 1 million NAs living in the state. Expect there will be tens of thousands more registered NAs voting in 2024 than 2020 for Biden. Beyond that, there will many tens of thousands of new young eligible voters in 2024 that could not vote in 2020, and Gen Z voters tend to vote for issues rather than by party that affect them personally and Biden & team have been an admirable job fighting on the side of issues that matter to young people – so expect Biden/Harris to again pick up a plurality of new Gen Z voters too.


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