I often write that something is “Fascism 101,” typical things like accusing your opponent of doing what you’re doing, turning the meaning around on something; like calling the New York Times “fake news,” when the term originally arose from fake websites set-up to look like a news site but with headlines like: “Hillary Slept with Every Rolling Stone over one weekend… last month.” Consolidating power, saying that the media is the enemy of the people. Etc. Etc.

But Trump has refined his fascist instincts and is, perhaps, getting a little ahead of himself. He made a mistake today, promising something that a real fascist – one seeking power – should not do prior to consolidating total control of the state. The promise came in the middle of a speech that had a lot of inflammatory remarks and has gone almost unnoticed in the media. Indeed, in the tweet below, in which Trump makes his promise, the tweet isn’t even focused on it.

The tweet focuses on the trivial, building new “beautiful buildings,” when the nightmare was said just prior; “We will work with the governors of all 50 states to a beautification project in which we’ll rename all schools and boulevards, not after communists, but after true American patriots.

There is no street (No major one), or school, named after a communist in this country. Trump is proposing to rename any school that bears a Democrat’s name, like my daughter’s original grade school, Roosevelt Elementary. If it was in Tennessee and not Washington, it would be renamed Jim Jordan Elementary, and every town would have a school named after Trump. That is real indoctrination, or “re-education,” that Democrats (Which will never be in power again if Trump’s plans come true, like Putin) will be known as the enemy of “patriots who love this country.”

It starts at :17 if you want to skip to it:

That is “Fascism 640” a graduate school course, a class one takes after consolidating power. Renaming everything. The Democrats should repeat, repeat, and then repeat again these types of promises. Even some Republicans will be taken aback by that kind of hatred and that kind of split. It damned well will motivate independents and Democrats.


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    • It is the home of the Klan, the Monkey Trials and the murder of Dr. King and much much more evil. They are violent, childish, spiteful cowards. They have always been a fascist state.

      • Tennessee has Dolly Parton and Trae Crowder. I’m not a fan of Tennessee, but no state it totally good or totally evil.
        i am a fan of Colorado and live in it – but we have Lauren Boebert and Doug Lamborn. Reality is just not as simple as your comment (and not just you, I don’t mean to single you out, many people fall into this trap) would paint it.

    • All of Appalachia would be rated below the fourth world were it not for FDR. Of course, halfway intelligent people do not rate the area much above the third world today. You don’t need to leave the U.S. to go to essentially a “shit hole country”. You can take a short trip to Appalachia, MS, AL, LA, TX, Western MT, ND, SD, WY….Most red states have been taken back in time and are now hideous places to live. And they are getting worse every year.

      • I’ve found it a bad idea to label all parts of every red state as poor and behind. Go visit the Boise area, exploding in growth, and in downtown Boise, a very impressive liberal community, same thing in Salt Lake City only much bigger and more pronounced especially by the University. In fact, if you go to the smaller towns that hold the major Tier I research university of the state, it will be liberal. Go from Athens GA, Tuscaloosa AL, Austin Texas, Knoxsville, Gainseville, etc. etc.

        • I agree it’s bad. There’s too much of putting people in groups. Every idea is not black/white, red/blue, conservative/liberal, apple/orange. I live in Minnesota, which has been a Democratic stronghold for, like ever, man. But we have Republicans here, too. Point is, consider the details. Don’t paint everything with a broad brush.

          • So true. I too live in Minnesota, moved here from Cali in ’97, love it. It also has one of the largest pagan communities in the country. Blessed be! )O(

      • Take a Greyhound bus from.Atlanta to.Orlando. Tin roofed tarpaper shacks without running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity. The desperately poor underbelly Rs refuse to.acknowledge. They call themselves Christians.



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