This is not a “mistake.” They do this on purpose. TWO NETWORKS? Even IF they called it “Trump Force One” it would be offensive, implying he’s still “presidentish.”

It is not an accident that the people around Trump continually refer to him as “President Trump.” (Imagine if the mainstream media kept calling Obama “President Obama” after Trump was sworn in. You can’t. Because former President Obama did what every other president had ever done, he disappeared completely until late campaigns in the mid-terms.) It is not an accident that the constant emails refer to “the president,” meaning Trump. It is not an accident that Trump’s lawyers, in front of the special master appointed by Judge Cannon, would refer to “the President,” and the special master asked if they meant President Biden. Trump wears white golf shirts embroidered with “President Trump” for a reason.

None of this is accidental. They are all in denial about the real president of the United States and the very real fact that a majority, even in the never to be damned enough electoral college, voted against their god. Thus, when Trump is on the plane burning jet fuel to give a speech, he’s on “Air Force One,” right Newsmax:

It is not a surprise, nor is it even a slip of the tongue. He said it twice. Donald Trump IS “their president,” thus he flies on “Air Force One,” the most iconic symbol of the presidency. I said this wasn’t a slip of the tongue, didn’t I?

There were many others who noticed:


It is actually a slap in the face to Americans generally. When Air Force One lands in a foreign nation, it does so carrying the president, but it’s also a statement, “The American people are here.” It is actually offensive.


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  1. Air Force One is actually a US Air Force aircraft. Trump’s private plane is civilian and needed a LOT of work done to it when he was evicted from Pennsylvania Avenue which was NOT paid for any any branch of the government (military or civilian)

    • Oh and I should mention that ‘Air Force One’ is the radio callsign – Trump’s flying collection of spare parts is NOT permitted to use that for identification to Air Traffic Control

      • Aren’t there about four different planes outfitted with the special modifications to serve as Air Force One when needed?
        And a helicopter carrying the President is automatically Marine One, right?

        • Those are the callsigns and can’t be used if Joe Biden isn’t on board. If he’s flying in the back seat of a trainer, THAT becomes ‘Air Force One’.

          It’s not the aiurcraft that is AF1 – as I said, it’s ANY aircraft with the president on board (Air Forrce 2 and Marine 2 are carrying the VP)

    • I remember many years ago a Russian explaining that “In Pravda (Truth) there is no Izvestia (News) and in Izvestia there is no Pravda”

  2. Since Air Force One is an air traffic control call sign intentionally using it to fluff Trump might be breaking more than regulations. It could be a violation of the law. A “techincality” I suppose and it would certainly be argued that way by their lawyers but a cease and desist letter from the FAA might get their attention. And for those who don’t know, Air Force One isn’t a specific plane, or even necessarily one of those fancy ones we see Presidents fly on. If the President is flying in any fixed wing aircraft as the passenger even if it’s just a a two-seat Cessna then that aircraft’s call sign/designation is Air Force One. If the President is in a rotary powered aircraft (a helicopter) then instead of the Air Force doing the flying it’s my Marine Corps, hence the call sign Marine One for a helicopter the President is flying in.

  3. I don’t want to spoil the party but Trump IS still president, even Commander In Chief. Continuation of Government. Read Executive Order 13848, among others.

    • No, he is not. In fact, the very agency heads outlined in that order filed no reports indicating the type of foreign interference the order covers and actually said it was a quite clean election! And Trump himself packed up (well, his people did) and left town. And he made NO legal (which since he’d have had to sign would have subjected him to perjury charges if he didn’t produce evidence – so he never tried because he didn’t have the goods and even his lapdogs knew better than to go to court! Constitutionally his term, like all Presidential terms expired. IF he had standing he could have tried to have himself sworn in. It doesn’t have to happen in some fancy ceremony at the Capitol – he could have parked his fat orange ass in the Oval Office and had any of his flunky judges swear him in. He didn’t. He slinked out of town, grateful for a last luxury ride on the Presidential jet which btw did NOT carry the ATC designation Air Force One. ATC uses a different designation for such final flights! Trump wasn’t sworn in. Joe Biden was. Under our Constitution that’s that. Joe Biden is President and Trump is an EX President. It’s that simple, and not even Trump’s “very fine brain” can rewrite the fucking Constitution no matter what dumbasses like you think.


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