As Trumplebum Donald stumbles through his last five days in the White House, his allies are apparently few and far between. And the caliber of the ones he does have is not exactly stellar. Like a limbo pole, the quality of his advisers keeps getting lower and lower as the days count down. Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, took a break from his chores as a conspiracy theorist and religious fanatic and called on the White House Friday afternoon. The notes in his hand were photographed and they are the source of considerable speculation, none of it good.

Replace the National Security Adviser — would that be Matthew Pottinger, who abruptly resigned? He was deputy NSA, I thought. And replace the head of the CIA, Gina Haspel. In the last five days of the regime? Dear God. Napoleon wasn’t this desperate at Waterloo. But then Napoleon had brains.

Susan Glasser writes for the New Yorker and she nails it here. There are more troops in Washington, D.C. right now then there are in Afghanistan. But it’s not crazy enough for Trump?

Another thought to take into consideration is what the religious reporter quoted above about the word for word dialogue in the evangelical community. Pat Robertson has been conspicuously absent from his TV show since January 7. Maybe he knows this is brewing and he doesn’t want to take part in it?



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    • I think this is just more of his impotent flailing. I would say he won’t get anybody to go along with this, but Cruz and Hawley just might. They are seditious swine.

  1. i’m ashamed to say I bought into the hype and bought one of those pillows 6 years ago. Worst pillow ever. I don’t know why they continue to sell. If I’d know the guy was this nuts I’d never have given him a dime of my hard earned money.

    • I’ve had this same issue. Then if you click again it says you’ve already posted that. Sometimes I’ll come back and find the post up but sometimes (more frequently) it’s just gone. It’s hardly worth it to risk writing a post.

      • If you can clearly describe the issue, I’ll have a techie look into it. This is the first I’ve heard. You post all the time so the last thing I thought in the world about was you having trouble posting. Please let me know what the problem is.

      • I’ve been having both that and the “syntax error” message (mentions something about e) in the last four or five days. Now that I’ve learned of certain words that trigger moderation I’ve made (sometimes) attempts to avoid them but still get error messages. But sometimes comments go right up. I’ve noticed more conservatives on here making lame attempts to troll us, so I can’t help but wonder if this site has gotten enough notice to attract some bona fide attempts from RW anal orifices to screw with it with some hacks.

  2. I wish he would use the Insurrection act and the military to stop this Communist coup. Most smart Americans can see what’s going on. If you don’t believe me, you all will someday.


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