Murfini the Mystic predicts: Trump WILL shut down the government in September.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Who gives a fat rats ass what I predict? What was I on the secret Manafort witness thingy, 50%? But tell me this, what in life, other than death isn’t a 50-50 proposition. When you strip it down to the core, even your weatherman on television is nothing more than a lot of guesswork in a used car salesman suit.

Nonetheless, I am totally convinced that as things are right now, Julius Geezer will definitely shut down the government at the end of September. This is not a bellicose threat, and this is not a drill. Trump will shut it down, simply because he feels that he has no choice.

Remember two basic and fundamental tings about Trump. He is the most self centered narcissist on the planet, and he is totally transactional. This combination will require Trump to shut down the government, if he wants to maintain his macho chops in front of his most ardent supporters.

Trump. Wants. His.Fucking. Wall. Full stop. Since the day that he rattled and clanked down that K-Mart gilt escalator to the lobby of Trump Tower, greeted by the enthusiastic applause of a room full of paid shills, Trump’s wall has been the cornerstone of his existence with his base. It was how he was going to keep that horde of brown criminals, rapists, and drug dealers away from the rest of us. Starting with his first campaign speech, “Build that wall! Build that wall!” has bee his best line of the night, surpassing even “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Forget the fact that even a majority of Trump’s most ardent supporters know that he’s full of shit, and that the wall won’t be built doesn’t make any difference. This is his signature issue, and he plans to follow through on it.

Because reality is beginning to seep on, like water oozing out from under the bathroom door when you get distracted by the phone when you were busy running your bath. His GOP led congress has been totally unable to get this one simple thing done. And now the timer is running out. Even Republicans are quietly saying that as things stand right now, they lose the House. Who knows, maybe The Manatee himself is whispering into Trump’s ear long distance at night, telling him that sartorially speaking, the emperor’s fine duds are a little light in the actual fabric department, so to speak.

The budget battle at the end of September is Bluster’s Last Stand. If the Democrats take over the House in November, it will be a Democrat that chairs the Ways and Means committee, which means that the Democrats will be writing the federal budget for 2019 and 2020. And any Democrat would rather self flagellate with a cat-o-nines than write in one thin dime to pay for a wall. If Trump doesn’t get his wall now, by September 30th, the concept of the wall will be like Stormy Daniels, an erotically intoxicating dream, but unlike Stormy Daniels, this one will go unfulfilled.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are basically fucked. Even if Ryan manages to cobble together the votes to pass a bill funding the wall, McConnell doesn’t have the votes to block a filibuster, and there’s no time to pass a Senate bill, and then go through reconciliation to avoid the filibuster. And any kind of budget they throw out there that will generate a veto proof majority won’t have a penny for the wall, and so many Democratic goodies that even non Trombies will sit at home in November.

Once and for all, Trump doesn’t give a barbed wire shit about the Republican party. Why do you think that slimy toads like Ryan, Corker, Flake, Chaffetz, and Gowdy jumped out of the plane while it was flying over a mattress factory storage yard? The GOP was nothing more than the limo that His Lowness rode to the inauguration. And if the limo breaks down? Hell, he’ll just get himself a new one. After all, the Republican party is now the Party of Trump, lock, stock, and barrel.

When you look at the selfish, narcissistic, destructive nature of Der Gropinfuror, you can see why I think the way I do. Because, if he can get the funding for that damn wall, then no matter what happens in November, or in 2019, Trump will have his one signature achievement to run on in 2020. And nothing else in the world matters to him.


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  1. A government shutdown in late Sept. virtually guarantees the House goes blue, and with a little luck the Senate as well. Good luck yellow-bellied sh*t gibbon, we will love hearing you whine you miserable f*cking Coward…


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