Everyone pretty much already knows how Marjorie Taylor Green feels about the Orangeutan, but the following video leaves little doubt:

I got just one thing to say about that…

Well, two things…

Who put the Fruit Loops bowl on drumpf’s head for the cut-out photo shoot?

Even scarier than the above is the prospect that MTG could be the orange one’s 2024 running mate…


“Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, said she “would be honored” if former President Donald Trump asked her to be his running mate in 2024 if he launches another bid for the White House.

Greene’s comments came during an interview with Real America’s Voice. A video of the interview posted on Twitter on Saturday by PatriotTakes indicates that it occurred during Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) Student Action Summit, a conservative conference that took place last week in Florida.

“I hear the words MTG mentioned a lot as somebody who’d be a great running mate for Donald Trump. I just wonder what you do with that,” a Real America’s Voice reporter asks Greene, referring to the lawmaker’s initials.“

No need to wonder, here’s what PatriotTake’s followers would do with that:

Good advice👇




My favorite…

The idiocy never ends.

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    • Notice the 3 “f”s there, the left want to destroy our Faith our Family our Freedom? Rolls off the tongue so smooth right? Easy for MTG to memorize? I don’t want her “F”ed up family I want my freedom……from her. And how in the hell can you destroy her Faith when that faith believes that Donald Trump comes from God. You can have that faith Marge. I’ll take a pass.

  1. I believe the thing on his head was a crown, and someone cut around his head carefully when they repurposed the cardboard cutout

  2. Uh…Marjorie…are you sure that’s a good idea? Did you check with your main squeeze Satan? I hear he doesn’t like his bitches stepping out on him. And aren’t you sweating the pipe bomber investigation? We all can see the marching gait & arm swing…


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