Marjorie Taylor Greene is mad as hell that the DOJ won’t prosecute the “criminal” who stickered the transphobic sign she put up outsider her office, and she descended onto the House Floor Tuesday to use a personal point of privilege to whine about it.

Christ, I feel stupider just having written that sentence…
LGBTQ Nation

“Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to the house floor on Tuesday to rail against the “mistreatment” she claims she has received as a freshman member of Congress and the “crimes” she says have been committed against her. Specifically, she says the Department of Justice has refused to prosecute the staffer who has repeatedly vandalized a transphobic sign posted outside her office…
… “I felt very unsafe,” Greene said on the floor Tuesday. “I felt my life was in danger.”

…Greene, who vehemently opposes LGBTQ rights, posted the sign outside her office on a wall facing the office of Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL). Newman, a sponsor of the Equality Act whose daughter is transgender, posted a trans pride flag outside her own office in February of 2021. Shortly after that, Greene posted her sign, which read: “There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE. Trust The Science!’”


Marge was so terrorized by the senseless act of sticker violence that she contacted the Capitol Police, who had absolutely nothing better to do in February of 2021, like say investigating who had strewn pipe bombs about the place, demanding that they identify the post-it bandit.

And the flatfoots hit paydirt.

So, now that she had this Hysom thug on video, well surely Merrick Garland would have drop everything, like finding the shit-heels (heh) who had defecated in the halls of Congress just days before, and put him in the big house, right?

Er, no.

“She also expressed outrage on Twitter that Attorney General Merrick Garland traveled to Ukraine to discuss Russian war crimes instead of focusing on prosecuting Hysom for vandalizing her sign.”

How could the DOJ not prosecute someone on video harassing a Congresswoman? What is the world coming to?

Stick a sock in it, Marge.

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  1. Actually there are THREE genders – masculine, feminine and neuter (as anyone who learned some foreign languages will admit).

    There are two SEXES (which isn’t the same thing)

    But then MTG is blissfully unaware of even the meaning of words in English

    • Actually, there are NOT “two sexes.” It’s incredibly rare but there are actually human beings whose genitals do not develop in the usual fashion so that you have people who are literally “intersex.” Some develop male AND female genitalia (typically, neither set is reproductively functional) and, of course, some genitalia do not develop in typical fashion so that infants are literally misidentified and the correct identification only becomes evident when puberty hits.
      This was even known in the freaking 12th century. The now-antiquated term “hermaphrodite” appeared in a 12th century church legal text (the Decretrum Gratiani) and it appeared in English law, courtesy of Lord Coke’s “Institutes of the Lawes of England” in connection with laws of succession.
      And, this doesn’t even take into account, the “two spirit” traditions of many Native peoples (not just in the Americas but in other parts of the world).

        • Well, a less graphic was to discuss it if via chromosomes. XX is female and XY is male. We ALL start out as female but as embryos develop various stuff kicks in and XX can and does become XY which is how some of us turn out male. That’s what happens most of the time – an embryo develops into a male or female fetus and if all goes well a male or female baby.

          However, sometimes things get off track in that conversion process where someone who is supposed to develop male XY genes doesn’t have things work out that way. The process is incomplete. And sometimes there’s an extra gene from the beginning. It’s complicated, and if I haven’t remembered my biology entirely correctly someone who is an actual biologist will I hope correct me. The point however is that SCIENCE tells us not everyone develops regular ole female/XX genes or male XY genes.


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