There is one key thread that runs through all the hard core Trump performance artists in both the media and government. That is, that they are ignorant of all boundaries of decency and decorum. They think putting a turd in the punch bowl is a real lark. They think that their lack of intellect and maturity, let alone education and experience, somehow gives them a terrific slant on public affairs.

Rupert Murdoch knows this type very well. He’s been successful in finding and grooming exactly the right kind of clueless sociopaths to put on his network. And the GOP has had an influx of the same kind of people and more are lining up to run for office as we speak.

The business of governance is all about the next punchline and the next soundbite to these folks. Life is but a photo op.

Here is Madison Cawthorn’s latest contribution to the annals of inanity.

Now that makes sense because Black women are fungible goods, right? I mean, they’re all earthen vessels, just a little darker than their sisters, correct? And truth be known, if Trump was still in office, he might have suggested it himself. Along with suggesting that a horse go sit in the Senate, as Caligula did in Rome.

Crooks & Liars:

We here at Crooks and Liars have some personal “legal” experience with Diamond and Silk. In 2019, Diamond and Silk sent a letter signed by their “legal team,” whose address was a strip mall pack-n-ship, to send fake cease and desist letters to blogs like us.

Speaking of utterly unqualified people, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who is now suing to not be banned from running for office in North Carolina because of his ties to the Jan 6th insurrection, continues to disgrace his congressional office.

Cawthorn has been constantly called out by local newspapers for ‘Unforgivable Dereliction Of Duty’, but his whole mission is not to govern.

Rep. Cawthorn is not an actual legislator, but a grievance performance artist — always hoping for much love from Fox News for his antics.

Speaking of Fox News, the recipients of the coveted Cawthorn endorsement for SCOTUS, Diamond & Silk, no longer work there. They got canned back in April, 2020.

Diamond and Silk are no longer on the list of contributors at Fox News.

The offbeat duo, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, who gained a profile on Fox News Channel in 2016 and then worked on the company’s streaming-video outlet, Fox Nation, are no longer contributing to Fox News venues, according to a report from The Daily Beast. Fox News did not respond to a query seeking comment.

The two had been creating weekly episodes for a Fox Nation streaming program, but have not done so since early April. In recent weeks, the pair took to social media and the Fox Nation program with remarks that questioned the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and whether the number of people reported to have died from the disease were inflated to undermine President Trump.

“What I need to know is how many people have passed away in New York, and what I need to know is: Who has the bodies?” Diamond asked during a recent streaming show. “Something’s not right here. Something is off here.”

A day later, Twitter deleted a tweet from the duo suggesting Americans leave sheltering at home and expose themselves to coronavirus.

This is despicable and even Rupert Murdoch realized this couldn’t continue and so he got the hook and pulled them off stage. At that point in the early pandemic bodies were being kept in refrigerated vans because the mortuaries were too full.

But make no mistake, Fox News “values” and GOP “values” are the same and if you can have token Blacks parroting right-wing talking points, both entities will elevate you to levels that you could have never achieved by dint of ability. That’s how the racism of both the GOP and Fox News plays out.

And the blaring air raid siren here, if you don’t hear it, if that whomever gets the SCOTUS nomination will be getting it strictly as a gift, not because she’s qualified. Ergo, what difference does it make if it’s Kenanji Brown Jackson or Diamond & Silk. Same difference, right? And they should all be mopping your floor anyway, is the part they’re not saying out loud — yet.

Color me cynical, that’s how I read it.

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  1. Oh Belvadere…come here boy! Foghorn Leghorn. Well, the easiest & on point analysis is wrapped in white southern privileged racism. U need ni**ers in the field to do the work white folks wouldn’t do.
    U need ni**ers in the house for food, cleaning, & free sex. U need ni**ers in a racist party to camouflage what the boys in the back room are ACTUALLY doing. Guess I will be banned for telling the truth.

  2. At least these dumb-ass m.f.’s are consistent. They have 5 idiot white people, one black man, so why not had an idiot black broad as well. WTF? And I know this is just a silly question, particularly after seeing thomas, beer bong, and the vagina being installed on the court, but what pray tell might their, here it comes now, QUALIFICATIONS be? Granted, thomas, beer bong and the vagina have precious little in that department….I suppose the fact they will rubber-stamp whatever in the hell this idiots at faux nuz tell them to is qualification enough?

    Little Maddie really must have his brain in those dead-assed legs of his. That’d explain quite a bit about him.

  3. In this photo, Trump looks like he’s ogling these two ladies to have a 3some with him in the spare bedroom. He looks like he’s winning them over. Don’t they have eyes?

    • They probably needed to piss & wanted to know if he had a spot in the WH where they could relieve themselves on a picture of Nancy Pelosi. Just guessing.


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