The Lincoln Project is at its best when it piques Donald Trump’s innate paranoia. It does so once again, and comically, in this new ad. Mitch McConnell comes across so phony here. It’s worth watching just to see that. Great filmmaking. Bravo.

Better get the voter suppression machine cranked up, Mitch. The demographics are against you and this idiot in front of you has long since become a liability. Talk to your good friend Gerry Mander and ask him what to do. He’s always given good advice in the past. Gerry won’t stab you in the back, Donald already has.


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  1. What a beautiful sentiment … whip McConnell up side of his head, [so big they can’t miss], suck DJT into another nightmare of panic and pissing games with McConnell … GREAT time to take a popcorn feast … more fun for the other cops that helped kill Floyd coming soon to a TV near you, another hit on Chauvin, a ways off for learning his sentence … his personal hell is the fact he killed a big black man with the torture of his suffering … there are a LOT of black men in prisons for life already with nothing to lose, reminding Chauvin with a personal message and a contrived weapon, or maybe just a heavy knee on his neck for 9.5 minutes …

    That could explain his suicide watch, Derek knows the dangers of a cop in prison with the black gang lurking around him … they won’t make it easy for him for sure …


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