One thing you may be certain of right now: Vladimir Putin is grinning like the Cheshire cat and knocking back the vodka. He has to be. He has gotten exactly out of his useful idiot Donald Trump what he wanted and more. Today we learn that Gillespie County, Texas has zero election staff. None. Nada. They all resigned because they were sick of being stalked and having theirs lives threatened. Houston Chronicle via Raw Story:

“The elections administrator in Gillespie County, which includes Fredericksburg, is stepping down Tuesday over death threats, stalking and understaffing that followed the 2020 election, according to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post,” wrote Megan Rodriguez, originally for the San Antonio Express-News. “’I’m understaffed and underpaid and I’ve been asking for help for a while, and at some point, you just have to take care of yourself,’ Anissa Herrera told the Standard-Radio Post.

But Herrera is not the only person to step down from the county’s elections department. Gillespie County Judge Mark Stroeher told the Standard-Radio Post that the entire staff resigned for similar reasons, leaving the county in a dire situation for the upcoming November election.”

The original report that Herrera would resign came out last week; today was her last day.

Herrera did not elaborate on the specific content of the threats, but said they began in 2020 — the year former President Donald Trump started pushing conspiracy theories about mail-in voting and baselessly claiming the election would be stolen.

Trump’s childishly attacking the institution of election management is the worst thing that he ever did. Those of us who actually know a little about government know that local elections people are fine, dedicated souls. I personally knew people at the League of Women Voters when growing up and they helped with voter registration, getting out the vote, rides to polls, all of that.

Elections are a proud American tradition and we never had one bit of trouble until the talk show host from Queens did the improbable and parlayed his television persona into a viable political candidacy.

I will be surprised if we don’t see more walk outs between now and November in counties across the country. The MAGAs are out of control and their leader is at a place where he might have nothing to lose with all the legal problems he’s got. That is a toxic combination.

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  1. Where was/is law enforcement? I get it, when a mass shooter is allowed to gun down children and teachers for…45 minutes was it?…law enforcement in TX stands around with their thumbs up their asses. Thing is law enforcement, there is no mass shooter yet so you won’t have to worry your sorry little asses about getting blown away and maybe, just maybe, you might STOP such an event from happening at the polling place.

    Can’t believe that has to be explained to those idiots but apparently it does.

  2. Maybe texass needs an investigation conducted by the federal government and its corrupt, felonious so called attorney general locked up. Just like their failed 30 inch tall “governor” its seems that their crap “law enforcement ” just can’t do their jobs.
    That’s no way to run a shit hole state of red necks….


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