Mike Pence looks positively pained these days. Abjectly miserable, as a matter of fact. I suspect it’s because he’s finally come to the end of the road and he knows it. Everybody knows it. Pence was recently asked about when, exactly, he would announce his candidacy for president and he postponed any announcement until June.

It might as well be June of 2525, because it’s not going to happen at all. That’s because of a confluence of factors, all of them beyond Pence’s control but which spell out his fate, nonetheless.

First of all, Donald Trump is back in the game for 2024, so that preempts the field. Pence is tied with Nikki Haley for 2% of the poll, most of the time, which makes him a statistical blip. The only real GOP primary action is between Trump and DeSantis and even that could fizzle out in a few days, depending upon what DeSantis does.

Then there is the Jack Smith investigation. Pence has to show up to testify for that. There was a time when he was going to do the bravado thing and take the issue all the way to the Supreme Court and then decided better of it.

So now Pence is trying to soft pedal his testimony and make it seem like nothing new, business as usual, already been there and done that — and it simply isn’t coming across as convincing.

Hit this link to Mediate. You’ll see Mike Pence telling CBS’ Bob Costa that he intends to “tell the truth” and “obey the law.” We’re sure you’ll obey the law, Mike. Jack Smith won’t have it any other way.

As to telling the truth, the bottom line is that Pence doesn’t know what Smith is going to ask him. Remember, Pence knows where a lot more bodies are buried than he wants to say. And who knows how many of those Jack Smith has already found?

That’s why Pence looks so distressed. He’s at the end of the line. He’s got to finally come clean about what happened January 6 and just hope and pray that he doesn’t come out looking a lot worse than he already does. And whatever comes out, it’s not going to be anything he can use to further his plans to stay in politics, much less as a presidential candidate. In a worse case scenario, both he and Trump will look much worse than they do now.

The party’s over for Mike Pence. All he can do now is damage control and figure out his next move. Because whatever he decides to do, being on the GOP 2024 ticket is not an option. It never was, but it took Pence a while to get to the place where he sees what the rest of us do, which is that he’s a thing of the past.

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  1. You know it, I know it – hell everyone else but Pence knows it. He won’t get the GOP nomination much less become President. It was never going to happen regardless of how things worked out with his being Trump’s VP. The only person on this earth who has never understood that simple fact is Mike Pence. (Even “Mother” knows he will never take over for Trump as the leader of the GOP) If he looks so miserable it’s because he still is lost in his delusion. He still believes that somehow he can thread the needle and become the heir apparent, but at the moment can’t figure out how.

    And trust me on this – when Smith is done with him he will STILL have his delusions of grandeur and think he will somehow be able to make things work out. That he will take his place in the WH and get to be President. That sucker will go to his grave believing that one day it will happen.

  2. The best shot that Pence had to become president was when Trump got Covid. Unfortunately for him (and the rest of the world at large), Trump pulled through an illness that thousands and thousands were dying of because they were not afforded the very latest and greatest expensive cocktail of drugs he was given.

    Pence should have been pandering to Putin to get him some of the Russian’s latest and greatest undetectable poisons back in 2017 if he was REALLY serious about moving him and Mother into the White House.


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