Another day, another example of the proposition that Everything Trump Touches Dies. Mike Lindell actually found a lawyer crazy enough to file his whack-a-mole lawsuit, which gives new meaning to the words “specious” and “makeweight” and now that lawyer has lived to see what happens when you put the client above the firm. Maybe Mike can give him a job stuffing pillows.

Here’s the chronology of the latest in the Lindell saga.

Now this is a howler. Look closely, you might have missed this. This suit starts out with a quote from “1984” about the Thought Police.

He’s probably defended Lindell’s company against a few workers’ comp claims, or in a labor dispute. Sheer speculation, I’m just wondering how he and Lindell came to be acquainted. Or, maybe Lindell closed his eyes and opened the phone book and pointed.

“Becklaw2021.” I’ll bet that firm got invented in the last twelve hours or so. I think I’ll make up a non existent law firm, too, FawLaw, faw law law law law, law law law law. I want to quote George Orwell in a pleading, too.

Of all of the side shows in the Trump circus, I have to confess, this Lindell/Dominion spectacle is the most entertaining of all. Lindell actually seems to think that his cobbled together spreadsheet, done by a nameless hacker, constitutes evidence and a legal argument.

I don’t know how many times Lindell is going to sue Dominion. He sued them April 19, according to Reuters, and that suit was as misguided as this one.

The new My Pillow lawsuit said Dominion’s litigation against him violates his right to free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Under U.S. law, the First Amendment only applies to government officials and entities, not private companies. Lindell argues that Dominion, because of its role in helping administer elections, was acting “under color of law” and should be viewed like a government entity.

Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School, said My Pillow’s lawsuit showed a “misunderstanding” of the First Amendment and would be dismissed.

“It’s an abuse of the court system,” she said.

So you’ve got voting machine companies acting under “color of law” that’s a new one, and then they’re “weaponizing the litigation process to silence political dissent.” The only one using the litigation process as a weapon is Lindell.

Well, I guess this means that the case isn’t going to the Supreme Court now, right? Or, it is going, they’ve just got to find a lawyer to take it there? Rudy, maybe? Rudy’s got a new gig, actually, but maybe he could make time for SCOTUS.

You can’t make this up.

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  1. This all reminds me of watching cartoons on Saturday morning when I was 5 or 6. My favorite was Loony Tunes and this whole circus with My Pillow guy is just that. He’s a cartoon character and loony as can me. Keeps me entertained.

    • I simply marvel that Lindell thinks that these videos of his somehow constitute evidence. In the real world, if you’re trying to prove up a technical reality, you hire experts — which he says he has — and the experts prepare detailed reports, explaining scientific concepts. I have read pleadings where an expert talks about gravity, for example, explains it in mathematical terms, and how that affected the plaintiff’s situation, led to the damages in the accident, that sort of thing. There are no scientific concepts explained here, there’s no reasoning process, there’s only a spread sheet. But I’ve got to give it to Lindell, how you can be that stupid and be worth $300 million is an achievement. My jaw is still hanging open at this.

  2. I was never a fan of The Three Stooges (or Stupids as I & my pals often called them) but Trump, Lindell and Rudy sure seem to make a real life version of them!

    • Just curious, when the fraud election hits critical mass and the audits prove that to even the brain dead left will you at least be able to consider Lindell’s evidence as well. I’m just saying…

      • A lawyer doesn’t have to present ALL of their evidence when filing a case in court. There is however a minimum standard of proof required in every jurisdiction to allow a case to proceed. Basically, evidence has to be considered in the most favorable light but it has to be actual evidence with at least minimal proof that backs it up. It didn’t matter whether it was judges at the state level or the federal level (including judges appointed to the federal bench by Trump himself), it all got tossed out of court. When it came time to “put up” none of Trump’s cheerleaders including actual lawyers that once had credibility were able to put up even enough to get a case accepted by courts!

        If Lindell had actual evidence instead of bullshit conspiracy theories he’d be presenting it in court. And more importantly providing even the minimal amount of proof of evidence to get the case accepted. He’s got nothin. But he’s still got money to burn and if he wants to waste it with his speechifying he’s free to do so unless he commits libel or slander. Interestingly enough he’s facing Civil action because he HAS crossed that line and cases HAVE been accepted by courts!

        The more he talks, the more he buries himself when the trials start. And he’s not the only one in that kind of trouble. Some of his pals have made statements in public and in court that could wind up biting them in the ass not only in Civil proceedings but Criminal ones. If ole Mikey isn’t careful he might find himself facing criminal charges down the road himself.

  3. Having survived a frivolous lawsuit that went to my state’s supreme court, I can tell you it will cost the loser many dollars as punishment. Start selling more pillows is my advice.

    • I can’t wait until Dominion gets a judgment against Lindell. Lindell needs to understand how he has damaged that company, although I don’t think he ever will. He’ll just put it all up to Deep State plotting, all that.

  4. So now Rudy’s pushing pillows for Lindell. Before it’s all said and done, Mikey’s going to have Sidney Powell and Lin Wood also working for him. They’ll need someone willing to hire idiots.

  5. Just for you Ursula (as recorded by the Clancies, Dubliners, Corries and probably a few others as well)

    And whether the blood be highland, lowland or no
    And whether the skin be white or black as a sloe
    Of kith and of kin where one be as right be as wrong
    As long as our hearts be true to the lilt of a song

    Hey faw law law lo, ho ro air faw law law lay (3x)
    Fal dee faw lo ho ro, air faw law law lay

    (and don’t forget “Some animals are more equal than others”)

  6. A well thought out brief – especially when it refers to the ‘Hauge’ and something called a ‘Concention’ (and it’s ‘The‘ Netherlands)

    21.Defendant Smartmatic International Holding B.V. is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Netherlands, with its principal place of business in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It may be served with process in accordance with the terms of the Hauge Convention.
    22.Defendant SGO Corporation Limited is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the United Kingdom with its principal place of business located in London, United Kingdom. It may be served with processin accordance with the terms of the Hague Concention.”


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