Stardate, 9152022, Captain Urs Sula of the Starship PolitiPrise recording:

We are in orbit around the planet Mankako, in the Hardee’s nebula, where a crazy tradesman, much worse than Harry Mudd, believe me, is trying to brainwash the population into believing that a madman who lost an election actually won it. He’s sold more pillows than there are tribbles in order to raise the money to fight his hopeless cause.

The tradesman is especially peeved that his communicator was confiscated by the Federation and now intergalactic war will break out unless the PolitiPrise can stop it. (Cue music)

You heard it friends, “where no man has gone before” and by God, Alan Dershowitz is going to lead the way!

Here, listen to the music, while I ponder Trump: the Final Frontier. My God, Lindell is losing it. This is going to be incredible.




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  1. Don’t be laughing too hard. He’s got the money and the senate and house next year. Adam Schiff, Comey, Obama, Hillary will have their house looked through and Michele’s undie drawers by the way the fbi handles things (no pun intended).. The committees to investigate should be interesting.

  2. Yeah they can waste 40 million of the taxpayers money like Durham did. What did HE find genius? Four years later…NOTHING. OUCH! Trump & Barr should be billed for that one. Do you guys work at being stupid or is it a natural born talent? Being dropped on your head or eating lead paint chips may explain it. I go with your gene pool being empty.

      • They will be back. What else can they do? Wait for JFK Jr. to appear? Wait for prince Charlie to declare war? Wait for Godot? Wait for marching orders from traitor tot? Some will be waiting in the joint. Besides, they are a full glass of putrid sludge…not a drop of truth can be added…ever. I hearken back to Brad Pitt’s speech as Aldo the Apache in Inglorious Basterds, when he was recruiting for his guerilla unit. To paraphrase he said, I didn’t come down from the smoky mountains, cross thousands of miles, & fight my way across Sicily, to teach humanity to the nazis. Nazis have no humanity. Fact. A dark movie but funny.



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