Judgement Day has already happened in the world, my friends. No, it wasn’t an atomic holocaust engineered by Sky Net, it was something considerably more sinister than that. It was the takeover of the voting machines.

Australia and Venezuela are gone, we are told. The machines got them.

But lucky for us, the MyPillow, MyCoffee, MyAss man, Mike Lindell, is still around and he can tell the tale.

It’s too bad that Australia is gone. Our very own Michelle Mopsy Dale lives there or lived there. I wonder if Mike knows when they’re coming for Nevada? I was thinking that maybe Murfster and I could hide out in Area 51. The machines eff with me, I’ll take a flying saucer out of the hangar and chase them across the desert. They think Sarah Connor was something, they haven’t met Ursula.

Oh wait. I like this better. Maybe Lindell means these machines.

Our world is being watched by intelligences greater than our own. And that emphatically does not include Mike Lindell.

Don’t forget, later on this month Lindell is having a big extravaganza in Springfield, Missouri. I plan to send Durrati down there for live coverage — that is, unless the machines get him first.

Guess I better pack a bag, pick up Teri and Murfster and head out to the Ale-E-Inn, the only place within a hundred miles of Area 51 where you can get a beer. Oh, and they have a mailbox. I’ll be blogging from there, from the mailbox.


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  1. Love the trailer for War of the Worlds. Haven’t seen the movie but have seen most of the Terminator versions and I think Mike Lindell has watched too many of them. It’s affecting his deranged thinking.

  2. Is it possible instead of comedic satire that SouthPark episode about “first contact” was a documentary? And “Babyfarts McGeezacks” has come and instead of a “space cash” test given us a voting machines version that we flunked? And that our species has been deemed so fucking stupid by the rest of the universe we are forever blocked off from them?

    We sure as hell have enough bat-shit insane crap being broadcast out into the space that aliens have to think “What intelligent species would want ANYTHING to do with that fucking planet if it produces people THAT fucking stupid?”

    • If there are intelligent aliens out there monitoring the radio and TV broadcasts from Earth, I am sure that they will decide that there is no intelligent life here!

  3. Dear Republican voters,

    Trump, Lindell and Maga leaders are correct. Your votes do NOT count, so don’t waste your time in the future. πŸ˜€



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