The Big Liars of the 2020 Election are down in South Carolina today, on the same dais. It’s a wonder that people aren’t breaking out in boils or that frogs aren’t falling from the sky but the night is still young.

Mike Lindell and Lin Wood, proselytizers of the Big Lie, are celebrating the meeting of the South Carolina chapter of Bikers For Trump. Wood got up and called Lindsey Graham a RINO and predicted his imminent demise from politics and Mike Lindell waxed nostalgic about being a young lunatic crack addict boy and admiring the now famous photo of Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley in the Oval Office. He then shared about how Elvis meeting Nixon was a miracle from Jesus and that made him think about meeting Donald Trump. You figure it out.

South Carolina is rocking and rolling tonight. Don’t worry about the bed bugs biting, because they’re all on stage speaking at Bikers For Trump.



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    • Funny thing about cicadas. If you live in a fairly quiet area where they are out in force making their distinct sound it kinda sounds like what you’d imagine a UFO would sound like! And since so many of these Q-diots believe in space lasers and stuff…

  1. Lin Wood and Lindsey Graham should go golfing with the orange orangutan. Maybe have a picnic and figure out who’s the saner.

  2. Man, they’ve got some great acid in S.C. Unfortunately, these members of Darwin’s waiting room, are on a trip we used to label ‘bummer’.

  3. And at the moment of Lindell’s comment, the corpses of both Elvis and Richard Nixon began spinning in their respective graves.


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