I just love the Republican thought process. There was nothing the least bit evil about Jim Crow laws in the south, where people got killed trying to vote or register others to vote. And there’s certainly nothing demonic about purging voters from the rolls, or gerrymandering, or any other political tactic that is so common to the functioning of the GOP that it’s as mundane as making coffee is for the rest of us.

No, Utah’s Mike Lee doesn’t see anything wrong with that. But mention H.R. 1 and Senator Lee goes all Church Lady on us.

HAHAHA! Mike Lee is even more upset than Roger Marshall was, over the passing of the American Rescue Act. Maybe they can both wander the streets of D.C. together.

You can’t really blame Mike Lee. If H.R. 1 passes and the American electorate really gets to exercise its constitutional right to vote, without all the encumbrances and blockages that keeps the GOP in power, that is going to be an event of biblical proportion to them. They might actually have to put together policies and a party platform and stand for something, rather than depending on manipulating the electoral college and tyranny of the minority.


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  1. H.R.1 is a good starting point. I have said before that there need to be some federal standards for elections. I know that states administer elections, but shouldn’t ALL Americans have the same options and regulations about voting?

  2. These scumbagsd really make me laugh. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, insurrection, all fine and dandy. But try to get a bill that would alllow everyone to vote and Mike Lee clutches his pearls and invokes Satan. What a sickening bunch of hypocritical assholes

  3. Well Mr. Lee, if I’m wrong and there is actually a hell you can ask Satan yourself someday when he greets you at the entrance to the pit of eternal flames. Because you sir don’t follow or practice the teachings of Christ, and in fact go out of your way to deny those types of people the Jesus in the bible and (I gather) the book of Mormon embraced basic human rights and dignity. People like you make me wish I did believe in heaven and hell because the latter is surely where you and your ilk belong and will wind up if hell does exist!

    What really galls me is that Lee is from a state that would in fact vote for Satan as along as he had an R after his name!


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