I’ve looked and can’t find a picture I saw perusing news stories online earlier.  ( Update: Here’s the article and picture I couldn’t find last night )It was definitely Melania, and it was said to be her leaving Trump Tower in the wake of the news her P.O.S. hubby has been criminally indicted.  Again.  I can’t speak to whether it’s true she was at Trump Tower today, or if that picture was taken today but wow!  She was very plainly dressed and not made up as for being photographed and the expression on her face… Well, it can be described as a combination of white hot anger – and fear.  Fear that she blew it with her recent renegotiation of of her pre-nup with The Donald.

As Trophy Wife #3 she’d long ago fulfilled her initial contract.  She pumped out a kid for Trump so he could elbow his buddies and brag about knocking up another “babe” even at his then age.  She put in her requisite years.  Five to ten years is fairly typical for trophy wives, Trump’s or other rich dudes that trade wives in for younger models.  But the pre-nup has been renegotiated more than once.  It seems instead of cashing out for her ten million or so and a nice condo in some Trump building (a nicer one than Trump Tower!) and some other stuff she agreed to an extension to play dutiful wife for his 2016 campaign.  Figured an extra million or two, and maybe a small beach condo too was worth the whole thing.

She bawled her eyes out on election night 2016 when Trump was declared the winner!  Expiration on the pre-nup or not she knew she was stuck!  She had been looking forward to a quiet life in NYC, getting to start “seeing” boy toys or at least men who were better looking and nicer to her than Trump.  Having her own friends that didn’t require hubby’s approval etc.  She made the best of it eventually and all the Trump and GOP anti-immigration rhetoric and especially the stuff about “chain immigration”, one person getting legal status or citizenship and leveraging it into getting relatives green cards and eventual citizenship she got her parents through the system.  It took some sneaking as the process was dragged out, no doubt on Trump’s orders but she got it done while he was distracted.  Quietly got approval eventually and boom – they took their oath before Trump had a chance to find out.  So he lost that huge piece of leverage over her.

Moving on, as relieved as we all were when Trump got his butt handed to him by President Biden in November 2020 Melania was just as relieved.  After a suitable period she could divorce him, collect her payoff and take Barron with her far from Trump.  There was news not long ago however that a new pre-nup had been negotiated and all of a sudden, the Carroll case, the NYC case and dragging up Stormy Daniels again notwithstanding Melania signed on for more.  My guess is it cost Trump a bundle.  A lot and I mean YUGE.  For once Melania had serious leverage with him and what he had to agree to in order to keep her handy for campaign crap probably accounts for some of his crazy.

But you ask what about Bragg getting criminal indictments?  Yes, that’s a whole new level of seriousness but it’s going to be a tough case.  Even someone like legal talking head Andrew Wiseman who left Bragg’s office firing broadsides when at first Bragg would move forward with charges his predecessor had teed up says the case will be tough.  And yes, the legal means for turning what would have been still criminal but misdemeanor charges into felonies is open to question, especially on appeal.  And that my friends will take years to sort out.  So Melania probably wasn’t too worried about collecting if she only agreed to stick around through 2024 and agree to yet another renegotiation if Trump won.

But this?  THESE charges are serious.  Hard core.  And the FL case is limited in scope.  Federal or not plenty of legal talking heads say it’s likely to move more quickly than others are saying.  It seems the Eastern District of Virginia isn’t the only “rocket docket” and some of the federal judges in Miami are no-nonsense and move things along.  Also, while Trump will slow things down with motions that might get appealed the notoriously conservative judges in that circuit’s Court of Appeals have already proven they aren’t putting up with Trump’s delaying crap.  They slapped down Judge Cannon in what for the federal court system is a heartbeat.  A trial a year from now or even sooner isn’t some forlorn hope.  It’s actually possible.

It gets worse.  The June 8 indictments show that yes, former President or not Jack Smith is quite willing to take on Trump.  And however reluctantly AG Merrick Garland is allowing him to proceed as he sees fit.  I used to think that the best we could hope for was Trump being charged (and convicted) on the documents case but that in the end DOJ would hem and haw and even Smith might not want to try nailing him as a J6 conspirator.  Here’s one more tidbit to keep in mind.  Apparently the grand jury that indicted Trump has been hearing evidence for a good long while, long, long before this week and none of us knew it!  What else might be going on that Smith/the DOJ has managed to keep hidden?  I now say another set of federal indictments is coming and since DOJ is winning Seditious Conspiracy charges at trial that’s the ball game for Trump.  Smith wouldn’t charge it if he didn’t have the goods, and that means Trump won’t be able to hold ANY elected office.  And to add to all THAT we have Fani Willis in GA who might as well have planes sky writing over Mar A Lago “I’m indicting you in August!”

The documents indictment is more than a domino falling.  It’s a mountain tumbling down on Trump.  THAT means real trouble for the Trump Org.  As Murf and Ursula have reminded us he’s got way over three hundred million in cash he’s going to have to come up with and unless I’m mistaken by sometime next year.  He’s got assets still, but they aren’t “liquid” and these days Putin and the Oligarchs have their own problems.  Trump has nowhere to turn.

I think Trump and those around him, including and especially Trophy Wife #3 aka Melania Trump had convinced themselves that in the end, even if Smith wanted to bring charges that AG Garland wouldn’t let him do it.  And that Trump could drag things out in NY and GA until after the election, that he’d win the election no matter how much cheating and violence it took to make that happen and use his new power to shut everything down.

As of today, especially with Chris Christie having proven he won’t hold back one bit in going after Trump and even Pence being kinda sorta critical these charges are going to become a bludgeon for other GOP candidates.  Whatever his standing now, I predict that by primary time Trump will be in trouble.  Not only not in command of the field but vulnerable to not even getting the nomination, all while dealing with a financial calamity of his own making that will bankrupt him and the Trump Org.

Which means “Melanie” will find herself at the back of a long line of creditors and not just her original payoff, but the windfall she recently negotiated will get flushed with her hubby’s turds down his fake gold toilet!  She pretty much decided to try and “beat the house” and went all in on what she thought was a good poker hand.  Only to to watch that last card (the River?) get turned over on the table and realize she’d lost it all.

Which is why I say that coat is gonna wind up being way more deliciously ironic because all of a sudden she DOES care about her husband’s antics and the harm he’s done.  Smith had done the equivalent of issuing a disconnection notice and the only thing that can stop it is having cash on hand to give to the electric company worker that comes to shut off the power.  And Trump won’t have it.

Yes, it’s mean spirited of me but I look forward to, when reminded of her console myself with having been so with thoughts of her misery.  Her anguish over getting TOO greedy and not cashing out when she could have.  And instead betting big and losing it ALL.

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    • Would they want her back? Especially if she’s unable to collect her payout from Trump? Without being able to buy “friendships” with her old pals via nice gifts and picking up lunch and dinner tabs at nice restaurants she’ll find herself in the same situation as Jarvanka found themselves when they wanted to return to NCY society’s current crop of new “Masters of the Social Universe” and having been soundly rejected trying and failing to join the one down in FL where they bought into an expensive/exclusive enclave. Shunned. Or maybe, like Trump’s grandad (who’s given name was Drumph – Trump is the Americanized version of the family name) when after fleeing his country to avoid military service tried to slink back when things didn’t go so well on this side of the Atlantic for him. And was told to get the f*ck back out by the king! She is after all an American citizen now.

  1. One small thing, Denis. The eight paragraph from the top, you have “Murph and Usual”. I suspect you meant to say Murph and Ursula.

    • Thanks. It was late and a long day & I didn’t proof before hitting the publish button. I often shorten Murfster to Murf so that was intentional but I sure blew it with Ursula. Fixed it as soon as I saw your comment.

      • your scenario is predicated on her being the normal sort of venal trophy wife. but what if she is his handler? her fear may have more to do with the national security side of the case and whether her bosses will be upset. or if she might end up implicated.

        • Good point. I forgot about that prospect. And, even if she’s not a handler she might still be a mole/informer for a handler. Frankly I think that’s the limit of her capabilities. Her educational credentials are bogus.

  2. If Melania has more brain cells than her husband, and that’s debatable, she’s been squirreling away money from the day after the wedding, preferably off-shore in Cayman or Panama. Otherwise she’ll have to rely on the mercy of the bankruptcy court. Maybe she’ll join Tara Reade and Maria Butina in Moscow.

    As for TFG, his assets are so heavily leveraged, he probably won’t be able to cover his expected civil fine from Tish James after the mortgage holders are paid when those properties are sold. The Saudis are more than happy to hold golf tournaments at his properties, but that’s all and that ain’t gonna cover the mountain of debts he’ll face. Vlad has no money to spare, he’s trying to win a losing war and Xi will smile and shake his head as TFG can’t do anything for him and he probably prefers the steadiness of Biden. Xi likes stability over chaos. As for the bromance w/Kim Jong Un, he’s more broke than Mango Mussolini will be. Oh, the schadenfreude!!!

    • Not only will Vladimir the Failed Warlord not offer Trumpler any help, he’ll come looking for money iowed, as will a slew of other nasty Russian oligarchs, when the bill comes due. And those folks play kinda rough if they don’t get their vig on time.

      • That’s likely part of the almost daily meltdowns he’s been having for a while now. How much of his real estate empire CO-owned with oligarchs? For a couple of decades now he’s been propped up with Russian money and that presents TWO problems for him. The first is that he has a history (about to be exposed like that character in Game of Thrones who was stripped naked and forced to walk the street in front of the commoners as they shouted “SHAME” at her) of claiming they were worth far more than they were. Even under normal circumstances selling so many of them would take a while as the fight over actual value got settled on. But in that world money turns the players into sharks that have piranha DNA mixed in and when blood is in the water they will be merciless. But worse, even taking some hurried “fire sale” offer would be a problem because he’ll have to get approval from this or that Oligarch CO-owner who has heretofore been a hidden partner. And will decide to exercise their option to take the property for themselves!

        It’s a house of cards. Built in a wind tunnel and the engineer, in this case Jack Smith just hit the button that will start the fans blowing!

  3. Melanoma… I mean malaria… wasn’t she on an Einstein visa (WTH and 😅😅😅😂🤣). Sweetie (just being southernly… even piggies get lipstick… just saying !!)… mama or papa never told you: take the cash… upfront. And you are Slovenian 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️. Switzerland is like… next door 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ and as the banker said in wolf of Wall Street: Swiss Slovenian (?)… who gives a f-/k !!! You are blond!!!! Quick editorial: methinks there is something in the air and water… but our current batch of … well “bimbos” and mercenary hearts of pyrite just are not as good (financially or physically) as previous generations!!! && since she laughed at those darkies being put in cages and babies torn from mothers… she can (sorry folks but going to be in Spanish): vaya y chinge a todo sus puta perra cagada desgraciada madre… y se flata sus pinche pendeja abuelas tias primas y toda sus Mendiga familia. (But not Barron… he getting a mulligan so far…).

    • ROTFLMAO!! I translated that!! Too funny!! And no I won’t post the translation per the sites request not to use foul language. 🙂

  4. We’re assuming she ever renegotiated her pre-nup in the first place. My thoughts on her is that she is every bit as vain as her husband so while she might not love the spotlight, she minds it less than everyone might think. I did not notice her avoiding any kind of media coverage before the shit gibbon began his 2016 campaign so being at the center of oh so many w.h. events, being married to the leader of the u.s. overseas, all that shit might have been right up her alley. Sure, some of the shit was not her cup of tea: I imagine she thought xmas decorations in the w.h. was about as stupid as it gets-were I her I sure as hell would (although being Jewish and male might color my thoughts). She’s said to have stated she knew what she was marrying and I believe that is true which is why I don’t think his sexcapades, the prez win, and all the rest really bothers her all that much.

    Now, should the spigot turn off and she can’t get her daily manis and pedis…ok she’ll give a shit about that. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass until and unless she is without a dime.

  5. Damned fine piece and I largely agree. However, in the interest of accuracy I have to point out that he didn’t want her to have a child at all, he didn’t want her body “ruined”. She promised it would all snap back, but that was his only concern.

    The ending paints a powerful image that feels like karma. All I can say is come, karma, come. A savage rain to cleanse this land.

  6. By the time we get to the general election ,it’s highly likely that FrankenTrump will be weaving his way through the Georgia and federal criminal justice systems as well. The numbers are simple. Trump’s slobbering base is about 33% of registered GOP voters. Which means that they’re about 18% of the eligible voting population of the United States. If an indicted or convicted Trump is on the ballot in 2024, the blue tsunami may literally put the GOP into the political wilderness for a decade. Because there isn’t enough industrial strength Clorox to get the Trump stink off of the party before then.

  7. We (All of us) reap what we sow. Lead a nation and what one does for THEM should be of prime consideration. Laws enacted to ensure that must be enforced; yes, insisted upon by its citizens.
    No exceptions!

  8. “I think Trump and those around him, including and especially Trophy Wife #3 aka Melania Trump had convinced themselves that in the end, even if Smith wanted to bring charges that AG Garland wouldn’t let him do itL”

    Shows how little any of these yahoos know about the workings of the law. Once Garland handed over the situation to a special counsel, he has no more say. I think of Nixon’s attempts to quash toe special counsel investigation of Watergate, and Ken Starr’s far more invasive investigation of the Clinton Whitewater situation. If the AGs involved in those two, especially Janet Reno in Starr’s overstepping, could have intervened, they would have. But John Mitchell was implicated, and Reno could not by law. If there ever was a case of the right attempting to destroy a president, it was the Newt Gingrich Ken Starr gambit.


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