The annals (anals?) of right-wingnuttia are full of treasures today. I was reading up on the latest CT, of the White House replica on Tyler Perry’s lawn, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a new conspiracy theory about Melania. Haven’t had one of those in a while.

This jewel was unearthed in the comments.

“Very compelling information” that Melania is the last of the Romanovs. Hoe kay. Or, maybe her son is the last of the Romanovs?

So what does this portend, if Melania is Melaniastasia, then Vladimir Putin would take it as his invitation to annex the United States as a colony? And then Putin would restore Trump to power? You have to admit, Putin doing it makes as much if not more sense than Joe Biden resigning.

Or, how about this? Vladimir decides to dispense with Donald altogether, annexes the United States as a colony and then he and Melania rule supreme over the entire world.

Maybe it’s time for me to create a wingnut persona on some of these right-wing sites and see if I can sell this to the rubes. Apparently, there is no limit to these peoples’ credulity, they will buy anything. This is what their cult leader figured out about them long ago and the rest of us are still catching on to the fact.



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  1. Last I heard they’d proved by DNA testing of remains that all the Romanovs in the tsar’s family had died in 1918. Also, she’d have to be able to document the descent to have even a decent pretence to that non-existent throne.

    • Yes, but it was quite a long time to ascertain what happened.

      The killing of the family was a massive political error. Not only did it deny the Bolsheviks the leverage they could have through a ransom (with many nations in Europe, as the Romanoffs were related to several), if word got out the entire move,met would be endangered. The Czar wasn’t particularly hated…perhaps the public would condone his assassination. But the Czarina and daughters were beloved. Murdering them was unthinkable.

      That sort of set the stage for one of the worst political assassinations in history. I will skip the grisly details, but the perpetrators realized that there was a decent chance they’d be killed for their role in the assassination, and so they scattered the dismembered bodies across a wide area. This is why Anastasia and Alexei were not confirmed killed for many decades, their remains were separated from the rest of the family’s.

      The circumstances fueled one of the strongest and longest lasting conspiracy theories in history…you had all the right elements. The truth was hard to believe/accept, then you had various misinformation that circulated for a couple of years afterward owing to WWI, plus the strong human desire for at least some of the family to have survived.

      Science eventually put the conspiracies to rest. Or so we would hope, I think it’s clear if there are people trying to connect Melanie to the Romanoffs, there are some bad actors in the chain somewhere trying to manipulate one conspiracy theory into their mix of propaganda CT’s.

    • CGI work is impressive these days. I hear they hired the same RD guy that turned Josh Brolin into both Cable and Thanos. It was really hard inflating him for Thanos, I hear.

      I also have it on good authority that if you line the colander with tinfoil, it prevents Vlad (shape shifting lizard person) from beaming thoughts into your brains via the fillings your teeth.I f he wins,,he and Melanoma will rule the woorld.

      Am I the only one who realizes that Russian last names have masculine and feminine forms. It was Susan Ivanova,not Ivanov,in Babylon5–the correct form. And Black Widow’s name should be Natalia Romanova (Natasha is a nickname of Natalia). Best friends in high school was of Russian descent–her grandmother was a Russian immigrant. My paternal grandmother was of Russian Jewish descent.

  2. Um, well, Melania does have a couple of parents and a sister who are still among the living (at least, as inferred from the Wiki article on Melania) so at least one of her parents and her sister would also have to be a “surviving Romanov” (per that Wiki article, she also has an older half-brother from a former relationship of her father’s so if Daddy is the Romanov connection, then the older half-brother is a “surviving Romanov”).

    As to the overall claim about her being the “last surviving Romanov,” there are a whole bunch of folks–still very much among the living–who would be shocked to learn that. According to the Wiki article on the “House of Romanov,” there are dozens of Romanovs living all around the world. There are, in fact, THREE people who claim to be the head of the house: Maria Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess of Russia; Prince Andrew Romanov; and Prince Karl Emich. Maria is recognized as the heir to the throne by the Russian government (!) and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow while Prince Karl Emich is recognized by Russia’s Monarchist Party (that recognition is currently “iffy” as the Party’s legally now defunct due to Russian election laws; the Party apparently failed to put forth any–or enough–candidates for elections within a seven-year time limit of its founding in 2012).

  3. Last of the Romanovs eh? That classless, clueless, c*nt? I can only imagine the last Czar spinning in his grave screaming nyet, nyet and feeling glad his immediate family was killed and do not have to claim the nitwit as kin.

  4. The trumpets are sounding. You may not hear them, yet…..
    But they are coming for you.
    You all do not sound American. You all in youre answers do not sound Christ-like.
    You all should take a good look in the mirror when the sirens (figuratively speaking) come for you and you ask, “why me?”…

  5. What is this shit ? ?…. This didn’t age well … at all …. The only president to not have an actual war breakout under his “reign” also he didn’t ruin the country w senseless mandates … that have proven to be ineffective .
    Who actual thinks Melania is a Romanov ?! And who actually gives a shit
    Gas is 4.15 a gallon regular with 8% inflation .


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