I thought that Alex Jones had hit some next level grifting yesterday when he issued a screaming ad, demanding that you “send money and buy products” because his hair was on fire and the sky was falling. Evidently, that’s the blueprint for this election cycle.

Take a look at Mark McCloskey, who very intriguingly puts things in economic terms, solely. Whatever you want in politics — maybe in life, period — you can have if you have enough cash.

Maybe that’s the case. The subtext to this is, give the GOP enough cash, they’ll do a coup d’etat and kill democracy — but the new regime will be all MAGA all the time, so you’ll be happy.

So, how is McCloskey going to get rid of The Turtle?

  1. Run over him with his blue car?
  2. Use his AR-15?
  3. Have wifey shoot him with her handgun?
  4. Poison his bourbon?
  5. Get a shark to eat him?

What a class act this year’s contenders are. They fit right in with the worst sitting members of the lunatic fringe. Trash with cash, your GOP in action.

Here is the Alex Jones piece I mentioned. This is the shape of things to come, right here.


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    • It’s even worse than that. (Yes, I had the same thought the very first time I saw this picture way back when) Take a close look at her GUN. You can see her thumb in the back and three fingers (middle, ring and pinkie) wrapped about the butt of the pistol quite clearly. Now, IF she was practicing ANY level of gun safety you wouldn’t be able (from the side/angle the picture is taken from) to see ANY portion of her index finger. Look again. Closely. You can see the end of her right index finger not only inside the trigger guard but on the fucking trigger! I had gun safety hammered into me by my father from the get-go. And when it comes to your trigger finger unless you are about to pull the trigger/start shooting your trigger finger does NOT go inside the trigger guard! You rest it outside along the firearm with it pointed towards the shooting end of the barrel.

      That my friends is basic, gun safety 101 and certainly something these self-professed champions of the second amendment who by grab with their “god give right” to own their GUNS and know more about them than any of us liberals. Obviously not. With that pistol pointed where it was and with her finger so carelessly and UN-safely on the trigger, had she lost her shit for a second reacting to/screaming at the protesters a slight clenching of the hand (like a clenching of a fist – forgetting in her anger & contempt she was holding a gun) and she’d have blown her husband’s head off.

      For me at least it’s a pretty sobering thing to contemplate, since I’ve seen bodies of people who’ve been shot including in the head. I wonder if her equally asshat husband has ever thought about that moment captured in that image and realized how easily he could have been killed.


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