I never knew when I was a child that one day there would be this incredible instrumentality at my disposal called the internet and I would come here every day and write. Moreover, little did I dream that a creature such as Marjorie Taylor Greene could ever exist and that I would write about her.

But both are true and the reality of writing about Marge on the web just gets more stunningly stupid as the days go by.

Watch what Georgia voters evidently find credible because they put this creature into office.

I’m not going to go into the blatant unreality of this. Maybe people don’t know that trans men in the process of becoming women do not automatically grow a uterus and that uterus transplants are a thing on the medical drawing boards at present. Ergo, no uterus, no monthly cycle, no need for any sanitary product.

And Marge and the right-wing nut jobs know this as well as you and I do. But somehow the agreement these days in right wingnuttia seems to be to throw out all basic scientific or historical fact and just make up nonsense.

Another day, another toxic waste dump into the political narrative. I can’t wait to see what headlines I’ll be typing tomorrow.


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    • That’s how I read it as well. But what “Empty” Green doesn’t realize is that females undergoing HRT don’t menstruate either.

      Also WTF are “Trans Men’s Bathrooms”? Do they have separate bathrooms? Wouldn’t they just be Men’s Bathrooms? Because I have never seen a tampon dispenser in one of those.

  1. The thing that really bugs me, is that despite how ridiculous this may be, it will not stop some people from believing her.

  2. How did this country get so stupid ? What has happened ? Did she actually go to school ? Isn’t there some requirement that you have to have an education before you can run for office ?

    • No. Citizen, yes; above a certain age, yes; some offices require that you live in a certain area. But education – no. Look at Boebert.

    • Lauren Bobert failed her GED multiple times and had to be coached (probably gave her the answers) because she was plug-stupid.

  3. When the time comes that the GOP finally grows a set and finally turns on the greatest pres. we EVER had (gag),when the Dems finally have his orange lying butt in the slammer, that’s when we will see the end of this wingnut and the other parasites that gather like moss on the outgoing one term pres’s ass. This is when the GOP will try to repair the damage they allowed these assorted shysters’ to foist on not just the GOP but the rest of us as well. Like everything else the GOP has tried under the ever watchful bleary gaze of Mitchy McConnel. Good luck to all of us!!! I sincerely hope that Green and Gaetz and Boebert and others, I could go on and on, see the inside of a jail cell???


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