Ali Alexander, a MAGA agent-provocateur, is up to his usual tricks, the particularly dangerous ones.

If there is anything surprising about the grand jury’s final meeting and what seems to be an impending indictment of Donald Trump, it is the lack of organized threats to protest or make someone “pay” for indicting Trump. This – despite the fact that Trump begged on Truth Social, “Protest, Protest, Protest.” Trump certainly wants the country burned to the ground in response. But Charlie Kirk isn’t organizing busses to go back to the Mall, and there is no central place where these protests are to take place. One might speculate it is because everyone who “protested” for Trump last time, including certain members of Congress, were thrown under the tank and not given the pardons they believed they were owed. Trump was likely too angry that they didn’t “work hard enough” to keep him in power to hand out last-minute pardons.

But it hasn’t been forgotten by those who were arrested. That doesn’t mean the situation isn’t dangerous. One always worries about the lone wolf or pack of wolves that blow up an FBI building in some smaller, softer target city. Perhaps Albuquerque would be a good example of that “softer target,” of which there are hundreds around the nation.

But Ali Alexander is making direct threats to NYPD officers and coming close to crossing over from First Amendment speech to illegal threats to cops:

According to Rawstory, Ali made NYPD a terrifying promise. From Rawstory:

On Tuesday morning, Alexander took aim at New York City police officers who have been mobilized in anticipation of a possible indictment from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“Any cop who betrays the people for politicians is a traitor and will be dealt with at a later date accordingly,” Alexander tweeted at 7:26 a.m. “Do not add your name to the fake news who are enemies of the people.” The tweet closed with the hashtag #NYPD.

Hilariously, the moment Ali figured out that his post was getting a little too much attention from real media, he backtracked a little:

But then got his mojo back:

There. Maybe that one won’t be considered a crime, unlike the earlier one.



Whatever. But it appears that we need not worry about tens of thousands of people all over the country will protest – the way that Trump wants, but we do have to worry about people who “think” like Ali but know enough to keep their mouths shut.
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  1. This might seem pretty obvious but, bust this little fuck’s ass. You’re not allowed to threaten anyone. You’re damned sure not allowed to threaten law enforcement.

  2. They have more important situations to focus on at the moment than a mouse squeaking from the safety of his hole.

  3. I think the burning question Americans need answered is where exactly was Sammy Davis Jr. nine months before this assclown’s birth.

    🎶 Who can take the sunshine…..,sprinkle it with dew…..oh, The Candy Man can….. 🎶




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