We are apparently stuck with Kari Lake for the duration and her silliness is escalating. She has filed suit against the election officials of Maricopa County in a pathetic effort to overturn the election. Likewise, some of the other Republican losers in Arizona have filed suit as well.

The most outrageous suit is the one filed by Jeff Zink, who was resoundingly defeated, over 52% of the vote. And Mark Finchem is suing as well and he lost by over 5%.

The level of irresponsibility that this displays is beyond description. This is wasting the time of the court and taxpayer money and I fully expect local judges to not take this well at all. Lake has some method in this madness and I believe it is to establish a third political party in this country, MAGA. Here she speaks to Mike Lindell, who is running for RNC chair, a post he’ll never get in a million years, but he may well end up as the MAGA national committee chair.

Kellyanne Conway spoke of “banking ballots” the night Herschel Walker was defeated. Yes, mail-in voting, drop boxes, all of that are sound ideas. What is happening here is the creation of a third party. At least, that is my read on it, because every single day a hard core MAGA politician or wanna be politician comes out and attacks the establishment Republican party. Matt Gaetz is now claiming he’s got enough votes to defeat Kevin McCarthy as speaker and more about that in a subsequent piece here.

Trump has not come out and announced he’s running as the MAGA party candidate, but I would seriously entertain that possibility. All roads seem to lead in that direction.

Trump has been soundly thrashed by both the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, not to mention other outlets which are not owned by Rupert Murdoch. He lashes out every single day at RINOs, frequently in all caps.

Either he’s planning on forming a third party, or he just assumes that he’s got enough GOP support to get the 2024 nomination. He might well get the 2024 nomination, as broken as the GOP is. But if he doesn’t, he’ll run as a third party candidate, under his MAGA banner. I believe that that’s how this will shake out.

The Big Lie is the only platform MAGA has and for reasons unknown, a lot of Arizona Republican politicians think that they can ride this wave to something or other.

Maybe it’s just a temporary grift. Maybe they all believe that there is enough devotion by enough MAGAs and QAnoners and far-right evangelicals (the other evangelicals are starting to pull away) that they can make enough cash doing this to make it worth their while.

Or, maybe they are just horrible people who take some misguided delight in abusing democracy and undermining faith in our election process.

Or both. I think there’s a better than 50/50 chance that Trump is going to announce his candidacy as head of a third political party. And if that’s the case, as Paul Ryan said when asked about that possibility, “If he does, he’ll hand the country to the left.” If he does, the sane people will be running the country, because the crazies are too busy wrecking the GOP, and the traditional GOP is currently bereft of leaders who can stop such a thing.

Stay tuned. And lay in a popcorn supply. This is going to be wild to watch, on that you may depend.


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  1. Yeah, something’s up. Last night one of her followers suggested going after Sinema’s Senate seat and she demurred, suggest Mark Finchem do it. Sure sounds like she has other plans for 2024.

      • Well, would YOU want to be the Arizonan faced with the options of “Kari Lake” and “Kyrsten Sinema” on the ballot?

        It’d almost be funny to see the results. “For the first time in history, the people of Arizona have resoundingly refused to elect a Senator as Kyrsten Sinema and Kari Lake have achieved a tie of zero votes each, even as nearly 3 million votes were cast in the Presidential contest.” (Granted, a third party candidate would be most likely to actually win the election but still . . . . )

  2. I think the odds are solid that it’s just more grift. However I don’t discount the possibility of Trump (and Lake & Lindell and who the hell knows what other whack-jobs?) forming a MAGA Party. I even dare say some in the GOP would, if not like to see it happen are willing to bite the bullet for a Presidential cycle (possibly two but I think one would do it for them) and tacitly encourage it. Murfster has written about this multiple times – the need for what’s left of the semi-sane (IOW just heartless assholes) to reclaim the GOP by purging all the crazies. Some of those crazies will come crawling back in the face of what Democrats would accomplish, albeit very toned down and back to “dog whistle” type discourse. And they could absorb a lot of Independents who are of the fiscal conservative but social tolerant (if not liberal) variety. So what you suggest isn’t something I’ll reject. It just might shake out that way. If it does (please, PLEASE!) Kyrsten Sinema will be shitting bricks because vitually any votes she’s pull would come from people we’d never have gotten and split what would have been Republican votes. That would leave a quality Democratic candidate in the driver’s seat. And ultimately a Senate Seat. And Sinema would be badly, oh so badly burnt toast!

  3. Another party on the right to split the vote and guarantee a win for Democrats?

    Excellent!! Please carry on.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte


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