Are there any astrologers on this site? I ask because I’m wondering what stars are going nova or planets crashing into one another tonight.

We are seeing some very very strange things come out of MAGA world in just the past few hours.

It makes sense on a certain level. Trump is an actual term in a card game and so fundraising off a card game making light of Donald Trump’s criminal offenses fits right in.

No, I don’t know what a “legal offense” trust is, but Trump did great with his PAC and “election integrity” fundraising. Look under “R” for rip off.

Don’t ask me. My head exploded with Junior’s reaction to a black mermaid. I’m still trying to cope with that one.


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  1. What is wrong with this crew?? Between Marge with her “peachtree dish,” and Bobert with her “Wonton killings,” and now Patel with an ‘offense’ fund? I think they’ve missed basic vocabulary in school. Idiots.

    • I wonder if they intentionally used the word ‘offense’ to be able to divert the money into their pockets instead of being legally obligated to use it as a ‘defense’ fund.

  2. I wonder how many magats are going to fall for this scam. I must say however that these scams are good for the trailer home/trailer park industry removing whatever wealth these rubes might possess and shifting it their way.

    • Not many. First time I heard about it is on here. He should have sold them for half a million each like Hunter Biden did with his art paintings.. But then again when your dad is president, that helps.



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