Michael Cohen probably knows the dotard as well as anyone and he thinks he has the scoop on why he and Marge Greene like each other so much… because they are so much alike.

Think about it.

Other than the obvious physical appearance similarities, which Mike will point out below, drumpf and Marge also share a profound ignorance of the workings of the world around them, significant others that have latched onto them to share in their celebrity and the vestiges of cases of teenage acne that make their faces resemble the topography of the moon.

And, while Marge might be just smart enough to grasp how morbidly stupid Trump is, she would never relinquish her position of toady numero uno by allowing that to be known. So dumbshit will continue to like her for the same reason he likes anyone – because she shines him on and allows him to think he is her superior.

And then there is the bottle blonde thing…

I think you are onto something, Mike:







He kinda grows on ya.





Keep those observations comin’ Mike, we are all ears!

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  1. Ahhh, that’s why they have to vacate the room for Trump and Greene. They both want to be the smartest in it.

    • Even in a room in which only Trump, Greene and a metal folding chair exist, the folding chair is still the smartest in the room.

      I’m thinking by a factor of at least three times the combined brain power of Trump and Greene.

      Another way of saying it would be “When Trump or Greene leaves a room, the average IQ goes up by at least 30 points. When both leave a room, the average IQ goes up by at least 75.” (This, of course, doesn’t apply if the room starts off filled with MAGAts–unless the room has an equal number of fruit flies as MAGAts.)

      • The 45 – 47 on Melon Felon’s MAGA hat indicate his ambivalence on just which of them is his actual IQ. Free advertising for morons.

  2. I’ll give kooky pants this-her body is pretty butch-she obviously works out. Von Shitzi? No way. That is NOT a butch body by any stretch of the imagination. His is a body that sends Omar the Tent-maker into sweaty, orgasmic, excitement.



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