Lindsey Graham seems hell bent on destroying a once respectable legacy. The side kick to Maverick John McCain now is becoming a CT proselytizer, on a par with Rudy Giuliani. I hope that whatever he’s getting paid is worth it. Graham was on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday night and he declared that he intended to find out, “what Obama knew, when he learned it, and who he learned it from.” MSN News:

As part of his probe, Graham is prepared to call former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to testify.

“I can’t imagine an investigation of the Republican nominee for president — a counterintelligence investigation of his campaign — was not approved at the highest level,” Graham said Wednesday night. “I cannot imagine it happening without somebody in the White House knowing about it.”

The FBI’s probe into alleged connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government was dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” and officially launched on July 31, 2016, but there are questions about whether the investigation started earlier than that and whether the White House was involved.

When Hannity asked if that meant asking Obama questions under oath, Graham seemed open to the idea.

“Absolutely,” Graham replied.

Everything Trump touches dies, and it looks like the next legacy in ashes belongs to Lindsey Graham. Maybe he’s looking for a post-Senate career on Fox News, the pantheon of propaganda. A few years ago I would not have thought this possible. Then again, I never thought Rudy Giuliani or Alan Dershowitz would go down the path that they have either. Extraordinary.


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  1. I’d love to see Obama answer, “Sure … why wouldn’t we? The guy is surgically attached to Putin’s ass and everyone with eyes could see it …”

    • You know what I think is happening? Trump desperately needs the Witch Hunt narrative, which has pretty much fizzled at this point. I think Miss Lindsey is trying to revive it as a 2020 talking point.

      • I fcking DARE these jackasses to put Obama up before the committee, I SO hope they are successful. Obama is 10x smarter than that committee’s RWers put together. He also STILL has an excellent staff, and had access to EVERYTHING. Obama knows where the bodies are buried, but has been a good soldier and kept his mouth shut. BUT if they put him on the stand, he can open up on them, and will have them tied in knots. He can talk about what he DID know, what they did or did not do.
        They will NEVER put Obama on the stand for that very reason. If I were Obama’s advisor, I would send a letter TODAY offering to make himself available as “soon as possible so as to inform the country.”
        Watch those little fcks dive for cover if he did.
        Obama is currently – by far – the most respected and liked politician in the country. The LAST thing they want is to give him a big audience to talk about Trump’s issues.
        Graham knows all of this, this is all for show. He will never call Obama. Never.

        • This falls squarely in the be careful what you wish for scheme of things. Calling Obama in front of a hearing that would surely become the highest rated TV show in history (and by highest I mean not just in the U.S. but around the world) would be the grandest possible equivalent to a defense attorney who fought like hell to keep damaging evidence suppressed and then has a stupid attack while cross examining a witness & wanting to embarrass the witness instead asks a question that “opens the door” to that witness laying out every bit of evidence harmful to the defendant that the idiot lawyer had fought so hard to keep the jury from hearing.

          Obama has remained a class act and respected the tradition of former Presidents remaining muted about their successor(s) even though the old rules don’t apply anymore. OTOH I can just see him having flashbacks to the debate with Romney when Romney thought he could nail Obama on the “never mentioned terrorism” point – the moderator tried to interject but Obama just wryly smiled and said “Go on….”

          I’m wondering if Romney is torn about warning Graham on this.

  2. Bring it! I have a feeling this won’t go the way he thinks it will. That’s what happens when the truth is spoken. What a fool of epic proportions.

    • I loved Graham in 2015. The way he railed against Trump and what a know nothing idiot Trump was. What happened to that guy? This is why I say that Graham reminds me of a character in a sci fi movie who has undergone alien mind conversation. This turnabout astounds me.

      • He became one of #ThePersuadables quickly, thus a #kneepads wearer for Trump & Putin.
        Care to know who #ThePersuadables are?
        Check the #NetflixDocumentary #TheGreatHack and begin to understand what that ilk is and how deep they are persuaded and programmed beyond repair.
        And to the subject: Bring it on Lindsey Graham and see how a real president, intelligent and with dignity, mops the floor with you.

    • **Heisenberg voice** You’re goddamn right.

      I have absolutely no doubt that there are still millions of Americans who would gladly defend our last true president to the last. Graham isn’t just playing with fire. He’s juggling napalm.

  3. This is an extension of Trump’s jealously of Obama; he will never be the president that Obama was and he knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reason he took the presidency – because Obama laughed at him at a big dinner, before many influential people. What a peabrain to carry a grudge to such lengths. Oh, but he is a peabrain! What a highlight that would be to “force” Obama to testify before one of Trump’s committees! And, whatever for? Obama would never be involved in Trump’s crimes.

    • I’m saying it now…Trump better never EVER get the idea of throwing Obama in jail. He thinks he’s hated now? He ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Trump is very content even “happy”, if his bitterness can ever be happy, with the 35% of Americans categorized as #Persuadables who have been had and fully programmed for his use.

        • NO…a cute theory but no. EVERYONE must adore him or else. And because the whole of humanity never will, there is never any contentment, only constant petulance.

  4. This is highly unoriginal of me but no other response seems warranted. Hey, Lindsey Graham, f you. F…YOU. F you, f you, f you very much. If you were actually smart, you’d follow Issakson’s example and retire.

    • Now, Bareshark, … what do you think the rest of US think about these two micro-minded useless-mouthpieces of two year old antics … Trump is a source of pain to just about every country in the world besides ours, and definitely outrages anyone with compassion, sympathy, empathy and even a microdot of common sense … He actually IS the finest example of a racist pig, don’t forget he gets off on playing with young girls, even trafficked 28 young girls to a party with only Epstein and himself at Mar-o-golf …. he exudes bile in the way he speaks and even the way he judges the young girls as a future conquest … 12,000 lies still counting, let almost as many die in PR, as were killed in the 9-11 attack, by his total lack of care when there, after his phony photo op and just left them without any help, (POC are like that to him- NOTHING) then ….

      Here comes the man that USED to be right about stuff at times, but I think Putin may have set him straight …. He’s riding a bronze stallion on a blazing saddle into a void without anyway out, Graham has opened a can of worms and that can contains worms that can reproduce at an awesome rate, just as soon as they contact his ass for dinner … when that happens, Graham’s mealy mouthed exuberance will completely wither within a couple days or a week … his herniated performance in the outburst at the phony BK show was a warning of what he might do … and he DID …
      Obama’s cool and smooth actions in light of the sickening drivel coming from the WH, and now, Graham … bringing in Obama is a wonderful idea, SINCE HE WOULD BE FORCED TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT MITCH AND EVERYONE ELSE ….

  5. Oh yes, I am sure President Obama is terrified of this. This is the stupidest, shoot yourself in the foot, asinine, foolhardy, utterly ridiculous idea coming from Graham and his merry band of ass-wipes. Tally ho! Carry on!

  6. From what I’ve read, Obama went to Moscow Mitch with the info about Russian hacking and Moscow threatened to use it against the Democrats and refused to cooperate. Since he is still refusing to cooperate the story seems true.
    I wonder if the story about the Russians counter signing Trump’s loans from Deutsche bank is true. I really thought he was money laundering for the Russians.

  7. Bring it on, Miss Lindsey! Obama is a constitutional lawyer, well-spoken & calm in perfect contrast to the GOP hysteria. No way they want that on everyone’s television. Obama would expose that the Republican leaders refused to let the public know about Putin before the election. He can calmly make all of the connections between the NRA, Russia & campaign donations to GOP senators & representatives.

    I think we should all flood the pearl-clutching gentleman from South Carolina’s Twitter account encouraging him to do this. It also sets the president to cross-examine Trump in the future. Graham had better tread very damn carefully.

  8. What a moran. Imagine the visuals of that vile, nasty snarling face of Lindsey’s mouthing off snide, snotty crap to Obama in a hearing. Ain’t gonna go over well, missy. As if the repugs aren’t in deep enough shit already, this will certainly put them in it over their eyebrows. This will bury them. The smart repugs are getting out while the getting’s good. Then you have dumbasses like Lindsey. Whether it’s an alien invasion of his brain, or a brain tumor, or late onset of schizophrenia, or what the hell, he’s totally lost it. The Russians must have a hot wire up his ass to make him dance for them like this.

  9. If Graham thinks he is going to rattle Obama or get anything out of him that is damaging to anyone but Republicans (i.e., actual criminals), he has another think coming. I would love to see Obama look at Lindsey the way he looked at Putin, though.

  10. The fools like LeningradLindsey and his ilk have nothing to rely on but stupidity, lying and subterfuge. At the end, which I still believe is coming sooner rather than later, all 3 will choke them to death.


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