Arizona is, once again, the focal point of voting madness. Is it sunstroke? Something in the water? Or, it’s become Fascism, USA for other reasons? I mean, seriously, when the Maricopa County supervisor has to go into hiding, because the crazies are after him, something is going on.

Steve Bannon is demanding that the election be redone. Whether that’s to take place before he goes to the slammer to serve out his sentence or after, we know not. Kari Lake is completely on board for all of this. Whatever good she thinks it will do for her to make a spectacle out of herself like this, again, who knows?

And of course, it wouldn’t be a conspiracy theory without Mike Lindell on board. And he’s armed for CT bear. Here’s his latest.

He mentions “the Edison data” but still doesn’t tell us what it is. Last time he called it “the Edison Report” and I just had to take my best guess about WTF he was talking about, but that’s always the case with Mike, right?

The Edison Report is:

  1. The story of Thomas Alva Edison coming back from the grave, due to a spell that Kimberly Guilfoyle miscast on Halloween night. The spell was meant to send Junior to another dimension and instead the Wizard Of Menlo Park showed up in the pentagram. What’s a girl to do?
  2. The bill from the light company. Unknown to Lindell, his “cyber guys” have figured out a way to hook up the meters from thousands of houses (for a fee, of course) to Mike Lindell’s meter and he gets to pay the bill for half of Minnesota. Aye aye aye.
  3. A remake of the 2005 movie, Edison, where a group of corrupt cops are outed by a couple of crusading journalists. In this version, a group of corrupt cyber guys sell out the idiot they work for to any journalist, crusading or not, who makes the highest bid. Con Edison will have a new meaning after this.
  4. The blueprint for My Light Bulb which is something you are given as a baby, it lasts your entire life, (assuming you don’t teethe on it, or shove it up your ass) and when you die you’re buried with it, to illuminate your way in Heaven or Hell, wherever you land.
  5. The blueprint for My Flashlight, which is a gift from an alien technology, which allows the bearer of the flashlight to see voting fraud wherever it occurs, and Mike Lindell is the only one who can operate it.

Okay, friends, take a vote. There it is. Do you suppose if I sent Lindell a copy of these options that he would grace us with a response?

And of course it gets worse. You know that all the Republicans who won their races are going to go along with this.

There have been precisely zero volunteers from the GOP who have answered Lindell’s call, at this hour. We will keep you updated, should that change. Don’t hold your breath.

Bear in mind the obvious: the last time there was a big kerfuffle over counting the vote in Maricopa County, it was very, very lucrative. Floor managers, who basically did nothing but watch bins of paper be rolled in and out, were getting paid $120 an hour. Nice work if you can get it.

The Cyber Ninjas billed out at $8.8 million, if you can believe it. And I can believe it, if watching bins of paper roll by pays $120 an hour. I can believe almost anything, on these facts.

Steve Bannon wants to get money rolling in. I guess that is Kari Lake’s goal as well, although she is apparently pretty well fixed. She was a television news anchor for 22 years, at an estimated salary of $83K a year. She must have saved some money, right?

With this crowd all that you can say is that the unknowns are stranger than the knowns.

But last election cycle, Trump was wailing like a stuck pig that his election had been stolen and the rubes were ready to cough up money. I don’t think that Lindell is going to find this Arizona recount as easy or lucrative as the Cyber Ninja lunacy was in Maricopa County two years ago. But we shall see.


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  1. ‘the Edison data’? Would that have anything to do with the belief that Edison invented the light bulb?
    (hint – he didn’t – it was an English guy called Sir Joseph Swan)

  2. Edison data. ‘kay. What’s next? The Nikola Tesla data? Ooo, ooo, the Descarte data! Right?

    You know, the guy probably has no clue who/what these folks did. I’m waiting to see what’s fed to him next. I hope it’s next level stupid. I mean, it kind of has to be.

  3. If any of you people actually had a brain, then you would know how to find out what the Edison data is. It’s simply the election tabulation results fed to the media, and it’s interesting that the results often go up and down.

    Arizona is the tip of the sword, and we just drew first blood.

  4. As if we don’t have enough proof already that Mikey is loony toones, strait jacket and padded cell, batsh*t crazy! Why is he not locked up for life in an institution for the criminally insane!?!?


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