One of the saddest sacks in the Trump army is Mike Lindell. That’s because he’s a True Believer and that is beyond sad for him, it’s tragic. The Declaration of Independence ends with the words, “we mutually pledges our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor,” followed by the 56 signatures of our founders. In this day and age, a pillow manufacturer in Minnesota has seen fit to pledge his life and fortune to Donald Trump, to his ruination and dishonor — but nobody can tell the man. There are none so deaf as they who will not hear. And Lindell won’t hear it.

Banks and credit card companies, however, are not beyond reason. They traditionally lower credit ratings when they see that a party is too much in debt and they begin to worry if they might get stiffed themselves. In the video you’ll watch Lindell says that American Express took the action of reducing his credit line from $1MM to $100K “without explanation.” They did it because of your credit report, Mike. Believe me, I’ve had great credit and I’ve had poor and I know how this goes.

So Lindell is desperate for cash, as is Rudy Giuliani, as are a lot of the denizens of Trump world. Lindell would have had a comfortable life in his sunset years, more comfortable than the vast majority of us. But he chose to self-destruct by hooking into Trump’s Big Lie of the stolen election. Steve Bannon knows it’s bullshit. Trump himself knows it’s bullshit. Guiliani does, Powell, Ellis, all of them know it’s bullshit. But to Lindell, it’s real.

What a fool believes he sees, was a statement of wisdom by the Doobie Brothers. We see it right here in front of us.

And I’m sure his employees are terrified. They would have to be. When Lindell ran my email on the chyron at Lindell TV, asking his followers to give me hell, I got a few emails from his employees. They were pathetic and plaintive. They said things like, “Mr. Lindell employs people of all races.” I never took umbrage to his hiring practices for a nano second. My beef has been exclusively the fact that he pushes the Big Lie, to the detriment of democracy — not to mention his own detriment and his employees.’

What is obvious to everybody, except Lindell, is that Trump and his Big Lie are Lindell’s new addiction, replacing crack. He is demonstrating every day in every way that he’s prepared to let his addiction take him all the way to the gates of insanity and death.

And I hope Mike learns from Rudy Giuliani’s experience. When he crashes and burns financially, Trump will leave him high and dry. Trump is taking care of number one. If you don’t have enough sense to do the same, tough.

I have no more sympathy for Lindell than I do for Joseph Goebbels, although admittedly Goebbels proselytized his Big Lie for economic gain and Lindell, as stated, is tragically a true believer. But if he’s that stupid, then it’s Darwin’s Law and he deserves to go down in flames. It’s just a shame he’s taking a factory full of people down with him.


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  1. PHUCK HIM!!! Being part of a treasonous coup warrants everything that happens to him. Slink back into your hole you poisonous spider.

    • I did a long piece on this the night the video was released. The lawyer was simply reading the ground rules for a deposition, as all lawyers do. It is as common as sand on the beach. But Lindell couldn’t let the situation develop in a civilized matter. He had to go stone cold nuts.

      He has mental problems. He’s lucky I don’t have the temperament to go after him for doxxing my email on the internet like he did and asking people to harass me. Although who knows, it might be good for laughs.

  2. Correct, SSJ. He was the dude that was photographed at the White House with a note saying “declare martial law,” although they probably misspelled it marshal or marshall…


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