The South Carolina chapter of Bikers For Trump met today and you don’t need LSD to hallucinate into a different reality. Just listen to what’s being said there and who’s saying it, and it’s as good as any acid trip, any time. It is totally surreal. All you need to be able to do is wave your hand and see rainbow trails and you’re there.

Lin Wood is headlining this fest. He’s running for chair of the state GOP and what’s curious as all get out, is apparently he’s got it in for the senior senator, Lindsey Graham — whom, paradoxically, he would be defending, yea promoting, if he got elected to the chair position. Go figure what Wood is up to. He’s apparently got another candidate for the Senate in mind, because he just called Lindsey a RINO, “maybe more than a RINO.” Woe to the Graham cracker.

And then if that wasn’t bat$it enough, Wood made reference to Ft. Sumter, back in the day. You may recall that the State of South Carolina seceded from the Union on December 20, 1860, and then the Confederacy fired the first shot on Ft. Sumter in Charleston Harbor on April 12, 1861, to chase the invaders from the land, as it was put in the day. Union forces surrendered at once. And you know the rest. We wonder if Lin Wood does?

And it gets worse, friends. Not only did he say, “get ready for a new senator, I don’t think that Lindsey Graham’s time is long,” and “Prepare yourselves to rebuild America from the ground up.” No, that wasn’t enough. He went on to say how Joe Biden wasn’t even alive, he’s — I don’t know what? A hologram from the Twilight Zone running the country? Who TH knows? Oh yeah, God would know. Let’s ask him.

“Only God knows if Joe Biden is dead or alive,” he said, and “people you think are alive may be dead.” And conversely, people you may think are dead may be alive. Why we hear from QAnoner’s every day that JFK, Jr. is going to be in the number two spot on the 2024 ticket with Donald Trump — oh, and Trump is “running for a third term” Wood would have you know that, that’s a prime consideration. It’s also against the law, not to mention all reason, but Wood wants you to know it.

For his own sake, somebody shoot him with a tranquilizer gun and get the butterfly net. The man is sick.




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  1. the former guy *could* run again – he’s served one term, it’s legal – but I don’t think he’d win.
    Is Lin Wood alive? Can he prove it?

  2. Maybe Lin Wood is no longer alive — but — his body is alive and Jim Jones is inside of it. Now THAT’s a CT that makes some sense. Maybe I’ll start writing CT on Parler, what i just said is as good as any of it.

    • That’s actually very H P Lovecraft, Ursula, specifically “The Thing On The Doorstep” (though it has to be said that this story seemed to be HPL’s definitive and unflattering thoughts on marriage in story form).

  3. As noted in something else posted here today Q people believe if they see something on TV then it must be real. (Not new. In fact it’s the basis of creationism – they think The Flinstones was a documentary!) Zombie movies have been on TV, ergo zombies are real!

    • This gem of a quote from Chris Niebauer sums up their mentality quite well: “Most stress is the result of taking fictitious stories too seriously.”

        • There was a great cartoon that made the rounds decades ago when I was on active duty that had a guy with a crazed expression & sweat flying off his head with a slightly more colorful dictionary formatted version of your definition. I was the Vehicle Regs/Traffic Court NCO for Headquarters Marine Corps (then in Arlington, at Henderson Hall across from the Navy Annex) and had it framed and hanging above the window where I and my guys would serve people getting base decals or dealing with traffic tickets. We had an IG Inspection and while I had my shop perfectly prepared when the Major assigned to PMO came in to do his thing I realized to my horror I’d forgotten to take that thing down despite having been reminded by the Skipper and the Top to do so. It was a fairly small space and there was no way once he was inside that a big guy like me could take the thing down without him seeing it. I waited for the axe to fall so to speak. He saw it soon enough when someone came to the window to get a decal and he turned from the records in the file cabinets to observe. In fact, he stared at it! I fought to maintain my composure, and then realized he was fighting to maintain his own – he LOVED it! Lucky for me I guess, and I didn’t hear a peep about it from my superiors afterwards. The text, after all the dictionary style stuff with phonetic spelling and pronunciation was: “Stress – That confusion that results when the mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it!”

  4. No. He & the rest of toadie trumpets are:(heart/mind/soul), “Not only merely dead, but quite sincerely dead”.

  5. What do you all want anyways. Go get it from Biden.
    Give it a year and save up for your Taxes for next year to pay. Did you think Trillions are for Infrastructure think again. He wants to use it for all the illegals he is letting in and the Somalian Refugees who don’t want to learn anything else American Culture they hate it. They don’t speak English just are being taught Sharia Law for when they take over says Ilhan Omar the twat Somalian terroist who is supporting Cair terrorists who are Hamas terrorists. Start looking into what we are going to have in our Country and protect your family and children.

    • Did you think all those trillions of dollars in the three “supply side” tax cuts (Reagan’s, Bush 43’s and Trump’s) were for average folks? How many of the middle class and working class voters Trump promised would get a four THOUSAND dollar tax cut actually got that much. Or even a thousand dollars worth? People have come here from all over the world and assimilated. Yes, some take pride in the heritage of countries their ancestors came from. I rather doubt you complain about Irish people who make a big deal out of St. Patricks’ Day and other Irish traditions, or Italian heritage people who make a big deal about “the old country” (and some pretty awesome food I might add – as is the case with so many other countries) or Greeks who take pride in establishing the origins of democratic rule and others I could name. Here’s a question – by any chance do you only not have a problem with people celebrating their ancestry who happen to be white? Think about it. Hell, back where I grew up in small town southern Illinois I knew families that “chain migrated” family from places like Italy and even freaking GERMANY with older folks who never learned English well enough to carry on a conversation! Do you condemn those folks?

    • Well said! Thank you. You can’t tell these Communists anything! They actually think Lyin’ Hidin’ Biden is running things! Obummer, Kameltoe Harris & others are in the background! President Trump had the border figured out & the Communists ruined that & now look at what’s happening! President Trump had jobs coming back & added NEW jobs for the workforce! The Communists are f’ing everything up! I can’t wait until 2022! We will take back OUR country!!! ??

      • I read your comment a couple of times and it made me wonder. Do you have to actually work at being so detached from reality or does it come naturally?

    • One day you are going to grow up and be hugely embarrassed you ever seriously wrote such garbage. You better hope your grandchildren do not stumble onto it.

    • The ignorance and grammatical errors in this post is disturbing. Do better as a human, also consider some adult continuing education courses.

  6. Wood MIGHT want to hold off on the Civil War comparisons. When the Union took that state, they burned it worse than Georgia. As one soldier put it, “This is where treason started and by God, this will be where it ends.” Why Wood thinks this will work out any better (aside from the conclusion that he’s gone full True Believer) is beyond me.

  7. I think I want to take a nap and wake up in my own universe on the other side of the dimensional portal. One of the commenters above has never met a Somali person, or a Congolese person, or a Maylaysian person or taught ESL to new immigrants. They are missing an opportunity to meet and understand some of the people who come to this country, full of hope and a willingness to work hard. Many foreign students come here to study and take their skills home to help their communities. But why let reality get in the way of a stereotype?

  8. Trumpers are beginning to find out who really won the election and there were no votes stolen. There are still a few who won’t give up “the dream,” but they will be disappointed when Trump decides not to run for election again.

  9. How is former guy going to run for a third term if he hasn’t ran for a second yet?

    JFK Junior would NEVER associate himself with anything Trump! Lets nip that one in the bud! How dare they even say some shit like that.

    • They were best friends before JFK Jr.’s accident. So maybe you should get your facts straight before you make an assumption.

      • Trump was acquainted with a lot of rich and or famous people up in NYC but friends with them? One of Trump’s resentments is that he was never really accepted into the elite of NYC Society. He was more like an amiable, bumbling court jester. The average looking gal some good looking gals allow to hang around sometimes so as to “show off” her own beauty in comparison. And best friends with JFK Jr.? I’d like to see you back that up. Probably the only thing the two truly had in common was that like other men in his family JFK Jr. was a notorious “skirt chaser.”

        • I think rather instead of resentment that he was never accepted…instead he was accepted…well as much as one can be but unfortunately he didn’t understand the left have no morals or integrity or sense of loyalty. ..once he stopped conforming to their vagrance they turned on him as they would equally do to each other upon opportunity and need. That’s what confuses me..why do democrats defend the left..why show loyalty to people that would turn on you as needed and regard you as beneath them Do you enjoy kissing the boot of an unappreciative elite?

          • Oh brother, that is a nice piece of revisionism.

            Loyalty in the GQP means selling (actually giving away) your soul (GOP souls are remarkably cheap) by embracing Trump’s Big Lie. Talk about boot kissing. Trump turns on people in a heartbeat. And right now the lack of morals and integrity of the GOP is on very publoic display. Your projection is stunning.

    • It’s easy for him to run for a ‘third term’ because, in the eyes of his sheeple, the last election was a fraud and he’s still president, so running in 2024 will be his ‘third’ term.

      That’s GQP logic at work


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