Trump lawyer and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood has been permanently barred from Twitter and if you read the few posts that are leaking over from his new home, Parler, it will be clear why that is. The man has lost all reason and it would be a major surprise if he wasn’t facing disbarment proceedings at the very least and some form of criminal proceedings in the near future — although if anybody could credibly cop an insanity plea, it would be Wood. Nevertheless, advocating the death of the vice president of the United States is a felony.

So now the toxins are carried over to Parler and Twitter didn’t suspend Wood a moment too soon. This is massively sick.

And here’s Wood’s latest anti-Pence comment.

Twitter also put Trump on a 12 hour time out, if this is news to you, and removed his last few tweets claiming the usual, that he won the election in a landslide, and telling his insurrectionist followers that they were “special people” whom he “loves.”

Maybe the fate of Trump, Giuliani, Wood and the rest of the goons is to go over to OAN and Newsmax and Parler and just hang out and talk crazy there.

The Wood tweet about Trump being in Texas and in control of the military is especially frightening. There are people who believe this idiocy and act upon it. We saw that at the capitol yesterday.



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  1. Expect more of the same as the day goes on. The lower on the totem pole these play Nazis are, the worse it’s going to get for them. I’ll be amazed if Parler lasts a year after the first indictments of people stupidly posting their plans there.

  2. Funny, the well connected lawyer gets to publicly threaten the vp with no immediate, if any, consequences. I had chats with the capital police & the fbi. Reason? I called my senators & have been on their traitorous asses. I happen to mention they could not hide from their very public crimes as their addresses etc. Was public record. They had to admit my evidence was compelling & i was no threat. Still on their asses. Guess now they know the fascists will just wait til they all show up for work.

  3. Why hasn’t he been arrested by the FBI? 45 has wrought all the crazies coming out. At least 100 Congress critters have signed on his being removed. By Friday please!!

      • Because your accusation is baseless. Remember Seattle’s Summer of Love ? Parochial, partisan politics is the perfect recipe for continued division.
        Truth and facts need to be respected. There is far too much delusional sentiment.
        If Lin Wood is wrong in his statements about Pence, would you not expect Pence to retaliate ?
        The world desperately needs people with the courage to continue speaking truth.

  4. The Wikipedia article on Parler makes very interesting reading. One of the co-founders and investors is reportedly Rebekah Mercer, who was also an investor in Cambridge Analytica. If Trump is banned from Twitter and Facebook, I think we can assume he will find a welcoming home at Parler.

    • Aside from the unconscious rhetoric, if you need to ask why then it appears you do not know why.
      The simpler truth is, they didn’t commit any crime. It is a fact that appears to be intolerable to those who do not know why.
      Eric Blair tried to warn us, like so many others.
      Humanity really is in need of courage, truth and love.
      Much respect.


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