This will be quick, I promise. But then again, when your case against the douche bag in chief is this open and shut, it shouldn’t take long.

It was only a bit more than a week ago that FUX News demagogue Sean Hannity seemed to go through a full body immersion in the baptism of vaccination. He admitted to his audience that he himself had been vaccinated, stated flatly that Covid was a serious health risk to the nation, and that he firmly believed in the science of vaccines.

Of course, at FUX News, host opinions only last as long as internal polling deems that they should. Within days, Hannity went back on camera and blathered that he personally had never endorsed viewers to go and get the vaccine. He piously spouted off that, not being a medical professional, he was not qualified to advise viewers one way or the other.

OK, I’m just a dumb Mick, but I’m confused here. If The Manatee isn’t qualified to give medical advice to viewers, how is it that only days later, he is capable of going on camera and extolling the miracle efficacy of not only Trump’s old saw hydroxychloroquine, but also of a drug called Ivermectin, which is a livestock drug used to deworm horses!

Look Sean, you might be a media darling of the far right goose steppers and bedsheet models, and a multi millionaire slumlord on your days off, but even you can’t have it both ways. Whether you’re fully qualified to endorse and promote already debunked bunko cures like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which means that you were fully qualified to recommend the Covid vaccine to viewers, or you’re a total charlatan who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, and aren’t actually qualified to opine on much of anything at all. Me personally. I go with option two. Fuck off!

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  1. Hannity is the mean-mouthed geezer at the end of every Irish bar,making loud and disparaging comments about every wo!an and picking political fights with men.The fact that he is ignorant and obnoxious would be funny if too.many stupid people didn’t accept his babble as fact.

  2. The worst hypocrite in the world has about 50 people vying for the position, and each is as bad as the next. Shaun of the dead is certainly in the top ten, for sure.

    Glad to see more articles from you, Murph. I’m guessing it’s due to better vision? Just found out I’m getting cataract surgery on one of my eyes. My vision isn’t nearly as bad as what you’ve struggled with, but some nights it’s really difficult to see clearly.

  3. Dam, that answers one question. What’s the hell is everyone talking about horse lineament or whatever. And second, which one are you saying is a hypocrite or is this a multchoice question.


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