The mainstream media got its racehorse headline from the pathological liar who is once again and for the third time in a row atop the GOP ticket. They accept what this man says unquestionably, even though he was documented as having lied over 30,000 times the four years he was in office. I particularly loved the Daily Mail story, which dutifully reported that Donald Trump raised $50.5 million last night while his wife looked on “beaming.” Maybe a member of her species looks like that when beaming, but humans who looked like she looked last night are said to be distressed. In any event, it’s the day after and bullshit is being called. Not by the mainstream media so far as I can tell, but at least by somebody. And this won’t be the last time, I feel safe in saying that.

Kinzinger’s tweet ends, “just plain lied. Don’t fret.” Trump is a monumental, megalithic liar, about that there can be no doubt. Here’s the explanation for the rabbit that he pulled out of the hat, seemingly without effort. 

Former Rep. Kinzinger is correct. There are all sorts of gimmicks and loopholes that can be used to pump up the numbers.

The Trump fundraiser a had a recommended donation of the legal maximum for joint fundraising committees of $814,600. The event was attended by 100 guests. In comparison, Biden’s New York fundraiser had 5,000 guests. If every guest gave the maximum recommended donation that would be over $81 million. Every guest didn’t give the max, but some definitely did, so those guests are maxed out for the year and can’t make any more donations.

The donations mostly didn’t go to the Trump campaign, even though Trump is claiming them as campaign donations. The donations went to the joint fundraising operation, and were split between Trump’s campaign, Trump’s super PAC, the RNC, and 40 state parties.

The amount of money that Trump’s campaign will likely see from this night will be very small.

Since Trump’s unique fundraising agreement with RNC gives his super PAC the biggest cut of donations to cover his legal bills. The RNC walked away with very little money, and the state parties even less than the RNC.

This is some creative bookkeeping here. It’s a shame that Trump didn’t follow his original instincts and become a movie studio executive. He could have wrecked a place or two in Hollywood and not pillaged bigger coffers. Kinzinger is undoubtedly right, that donations will be double counted as well as general election money that can’t be used until after Trump officially becomes the nominee and that’s not until July — assuming he’s not a convicted criminal by then and that could influence the election, we are told.

When the campaign disclosure reports are filed, the truth will be revealed, but in the meantime, Trump gives the corporate media a headline for their horse race coverage. The vast majority of media won’t stop to question the total or the claim itself. Given that Trump is a pathological liar, the press has no reason to believe him.

However, the Biden campaign benefits from this because they get to say to their supporters that the situation is urgent and you need to get involved.

And that’s the silver lining. Great, Donald. Just keep lying your ass off and we will continue working our asses off and somehow, collectively, we will defeat you. All of us.


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  1. Journalism is a puddle drying up for the love of money. There was a time they sought the truth. Now they are just teenagers playing a video game.

    • First, stop insulting teenagers.

      Secondly, most recent studies about video game play show that more people over 18 play video games than under-18 by a nearly 3 to 1 margin. Even allowing for 18 and 19 year olds who are counted as adults, “teenagers” are a minority of players.

  2. If you take your eyes off the cash raised and look at the number of people who ‘donated’ it’s a completely different picture.

    Trump raised $50 million – from 100 people. That, come November equates to 100 supporters who will vote for him. Joe Biden raised half of that from at least 10 times the number of people which means a LOT more votes on the day.

    Anyway, most of the money raised will go to Trump – and only a small fraction goes the RNC who are strapped for cash to get their slate of wannabe congress critters elected. The bulk of that shindig in Florida will go to trying to keep Don the Con out of the slammer and/or pay off part of the amount of fines/penalties already levied against him

    • Well bless your heart of course he can, if by “I can do better” you mean he can lie, cheat, steal, and sound like a complete and utter moron, then of course former guy can do better than President Biden.

  3. There are indeed many tricks to pump up donation money numbers. The easiest of course is to outright lie about the number/amount.


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