Down to the last moment, hope springs eternal that Donald Trump will act presidential — or at least human. Kevin McCarthy had a 30 minute call with Trump this morning. Evidently he’s the only key Republican figure speaking to Trump these days. We know Mike Pence isn’t. We know Mitch McConnell isn’t. Trump ran the same old same old tired lines about Antifa rioting and not his “special people” and finally McCarthy just shut him down and then asked him about the welcome letter, a tradition started by George H.W. Bush — the last Republican one term president. Axios:

  • McCarthy would have none of it, telling the president: “It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA. I know. I was there,” according to a White House official and another source familiar with the call.

  • The White House official said the call was tense and aggressive at times, with Trump ranting about election fraud and an exasperated McCarthy cutting in to say, “Stop it. It’s over. The election is over.”

McCarthy, who is facing major blowback for his role in encouraging dissent over the election outcome, went further:

  • He told Trump he should call Joe Biden, meet with the president-elect and follow tradition and leave a welcome letter in the Resolute Desk for his successor.

  • The president told him he hadn’t decided whether to do so for Biden.

So let’s speculate, shall we, about a letter from Trump to Biden?

“Deer Jo, I left you some Oreos in the bottom drawer. Ben Carson gave them to me. I put a post it on the button that you push when you want them to bring you a Diet Coke. I left you a sharpie if you want to mark up a weather calendar. 

The place is pretty much a dump. The toilets aren’t gold and your arm gets sore from flushing them and I won’t even talk about the light bulbs. 

Be sure to stock up on paper towels. You never know when there’s going to be another hurricane. Okay, bye,” Donald 

Anybody got a better idea? Entertain us below in the comments.

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  1. Joe, I won the election. You cheted. I will win in 2024 if Nancy don’t impeech me. It is hard to be president. Call me if you need help. I’m am the most loved president.

  2. *written in crayon*
    Deer Sleepy Joe,
    Try the chocolate cake. It’s a beautiful cake and you can get as many scoops of ice cream as you want even tho you know I won the election…..that’s what people are saying…..wasn’t even close. It was the dead people voting Joe….they said seal the steal and the BLM vans full of votes and dead people pulled up Joe. It was the dead people Joe. How could they let dead people vote…..that’s what they are saying. Massive fraud Joe…..massive fraud, that’s what it was Joe. And there were Antifa Bigfoot’s in the crowd Joe…..they were causing all of the trouble the other day. That won’t me. The bigfoots Joe.

    Your pal-David Dennison

    The End.

    • “And the fake news doesn’t talk about the Bigfoots, Joe. Or the dead Bigfoots, either. I’m the only one who knows about them.”

    • The dead people came from the hospitals and mortuaries in LA and everywhere else that don’t have the capacity to deal with the plague’s dead who died because of you, Donald, labeling the facts as “fake news”and “hoaxes” so that nqqoq one took the warnings and the defenses seriously. This is the come-uppance, Donald. Enjoy the rest of your life.

  3. In Sharpie, of course: “Dere Sleepy Jo: I will sell you Melanie or Ivanka if you let me keep playing Precedent. Rudy will draw up the papers. Let me KNOW. Sinceerly, the MOST Beloved Supreem Leeder EVER, Muammar Covfefe”

  4. Sleepy joe. Im madd. U shoud nevef tried 2 steal thw erection. I hope u die. U and that pussy. That trayter. God has picked ME but that hpyocrat didnt do his job. So i curse you. Ur fiend, DDT

  5. Why spoil a a perfect record now? Trump is an ass who won’t change stripes in the last(please God) of his public life! Maybe we’ll see his repulsive face on a National Enquirer once in a while. I don’t care as long as he doesn’t have any influence on my life or the ones I love. What the hell that’s everyone in the world!


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