Color me unsurprised. My only question is the timing. This should have happened seven years ago. Page Six:

D.C’s weirdest marriage is over.

Page Six hears that Kellyanne Conway, the longtime advisor to President Donald Trump, and George Conway, the longtime tormentor of President Trump, have decided to divorce after 22 years of marriage.

Beltway insiders tell us that they’ve both lawyered up and that the two sides are hashing out the details of the split.

During the 2016 elections, Kellyanne served first as a campaign advisor to candidate Trump and then as his campaign manager, while her husband co-founded the Lincoln Project with the express purpose of keeping Trump out of the White House. […]

In 2022, Vanity Fair wrote that, “One of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century is the marriage of Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George — specifically, if they hate each other as much as their public commentary would suggest, or if the whole thing is some kind of three-dimensional chess designed to further their own interests.”

I confess, I couldn’t do it. I used to put myself in George Conway’s shoes and ask myself, “what if I had a husband that was going on Fox News and spewing Trump propaganda?” I had no answer, other than I would leave.

Think about it. Kellyanne was Trump’s campaign manager, her husband was part of a group that was dedicated to keeping Trump out of the White House.

I can only conjecture that there was some issue of waiting until the kids were “x” age, or whatever. I have seen a lot of that, but never believed in it. In my experience, staying in a toxic marriage does not benefit the children. Dissolving a toxic marriage and both parties giving the kids quality time, is a horse of a different color.

My prediction for the night? This is going to be a hell of a movie someday, or at the very least a great subplot of a larger script about this era in our history.


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  1. Who puts working for TFG ahead of one’s marriage or family? Seriously, I always assumed they were on the same page politically and she was basically play acting in public for the paycheck. My mistake as she’s still a shill for Orange Jesus.

    • Here’s my take on it. The whole Trump/anti-Trump thing is exceedingly emotional. If you are either in politics or you’re politically involved, as we are here, you are on one side or the other. I don’t know if anybody could play act. I think you would have to be Meryl Streep to hate Trump’s guts, like George Conway does, and get out there and shill for Trump. I don’t see how anybody can live that way. At least Streep can walk off the set and go be herself. If Kellyanne was acting, it was a part she had to live in.

      If George would want to write a book about this, it would be an instant best seller. I’m sure he must be aware of that.

  2. It’s fake news! The alternative fact is she is an advanced AI with no interest in humanity’s survival. Bladerunner 2.

  3. I’m with you, Ursula! I used to marvel at the marriage between those two! What conversations must have occurred ever evening! “How was your day at the office today, Dear?” “Well, I spent most of the morning trying to get the press to leave me alone! They are SO fixated on my ‘alternative facts’ statement. It just infuriates me that they can’t SEE how much good the President is doing for our nation! How about you, Honey?” “Thanks for the ‘alternative facts’ statement, Sweetie! That was great material for the videos the Lincoln Project is producing! We are certain we can get your boss out of the White House as soon as possible! What’s for dinner?”

    Lord have mercy! That’s one marriage that should be completely obliterated by Jewish space lasers!

    • I’m telling you, George Conway has a best seller and a hit movie on his hands if he wants to write about his marriage and the dialogue they had over Trump. Everybody has been dying to know about this for years.

  4. AND FROM #Philly
    Philip “Crazy Phil” Leonetti, a convicted killer and onetime underboss of the Philadelphia-area mob family, attended the funeral of Kellyanne Conway’s grandfather, mob associate Jimmy “The Brute’ DiNatale in early May 1983.
    Recently, Leonetti confirmed to PhillyVoice he and his friend, Lawrence “Yogi” Merlino,also a convicted killer who was at one time a capo in the crime family, went to the funeral of Conway’s grandfather in Hammonton, Atlantic County.

  5. Ursula, if you were married to a rabid Trump** supporter, everyone wold assume that you were too, or at least that you were under his thumb, because that’s the way they roll. So naturally you would want to get out, and the sooner the better. The other way around, it’s easier for the public to grasp that they disagree, because our side of the aisle understads that bothe sexes have minds (of differing qualitites, sure, but the qualities are not detenmined by gender) and their side of the aislejust assumes George is aliberal wimp. It still cannot be fun, not for either of them, but it might at least be bearable. For a while. Misogyny is a factor in more situations and decisions than sane people can even imagine.


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