Last night on Tucker Carlson’s hour of hate and disinformation, Kari Lake, fresh from the spanking she got earlier in the day when Arizona certified that she would definitely not be Governor, used her fifteen minutes to rant about future lawsuit’s, Twitter hate speech policies, Hunter Biden’s lap top and whatever else crossed her fevered, disappointed mind.

Tucker seemed very confused.

But followers of Kari Lake’s War Room swooped into her timeline and quickly cleared things up…



Don’t give her any ideas, John.

No money in that, Irish, the grift is strong with that one.


But if there are, Tucker will find them.






Facts? What facts?

That’s about the size of it.

Lake can whine to Tucker all she likes, but the more she does the more stubbornly the stank of loser will cling to her.

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  1. “Tucker seemed very confused. ”

    With all due respect, how could you tell? I thought “confused” was Tuck-Tuck’s natural state.

    Did he seem, perhaps, MORE confused than usual?

    • He always looks as if he just shit himself. Would not surprised me if he has on multiple occasions.

      As for this lake broad: F.F.S. you silly twat, you lost. Move the fuck on.

  2. None of them do it quite as well, but there’s a slew of would be trump impersonators ready to try their hand at some form of insurrection having lost a fair and legal election. His form of politicking has caught on with many a deplorable gop politician as has his form of losing!


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