Kari Lake’s facial softening filter is like the James Brown of facial discombobulation, it really is the hardest working filter in the biz.

Whether getting drug out on stage every time Lake panhandles for money, harangues election officials or caresses whatever cultural touchstone issue her batshit, gaptoothed backers are obsessing on at any given moment, that filter gets more work than a journeyman Catskills’ comedian on a Labor Day weekend.

So who can blame the overwrought filter, if, when confronted by three of the ugliest personages in American Politics – Little Stevie Laundry-day-is-tomorrow Bannon, Mike they-came-in-through-the-Hardee’s-window and Kari my-new-gig-is-losing Lake, it goes on the fritz?

Patriot Takes has the video (and the responses):





Oh, Ima gonna steal that one!


Ain’t it tho?



I wish…

Let’s not.


Seriously tho, if Lake is gonna keep guesting with three-shirts and pillow-plumper she needs to get her poor filter some helpers.

No single piece of software should be expected to mask that much ugliness.

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