I have assumed that Kari Lake is a grifter, but now I’m beginning to wonder if she’s mentally ill. There is something dark and deranged about the very short clip you’re about to see.

Over half the votes in Maricopa County have been counted and she’s trailing badly. Yet she claims that there is “no path to victory” — for her opponent?!?

Hoe kay. Here’s some deja vu for you.

I’ve listened to it four times, because the hubris is difficult for me to contend with. Wow.

I guess we’ll find out what the Big Plan is. I’m assuming that if enough MAGA candidates lose and tell the Big Lie, it’s because there is some overarching plan.

I guess Lake must believe that she will stay in politics as the face of MAGA, maybe Ron DeSantis will want to put her on the ticket. I am shotgunning here. I have no idea. I didn’t expect her to get this weird, this soon.

Listen to this. Incredible.

She knows all about the crime but she’s not going to tell.

If there is method in this madness, it has not made itself apparent yet.


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  1. “I’m assuming that if enough MAGA candidates lose and tell the Big Lie, it’s because there is some overarching plan.”

    Possibly — or maybe it’s because cockeyed delusions are contagious. We could call the syndrome “MAGApox.”

    • Why? Trump declared (and has been continuing to declare) fraud despite absolutely NO proof ever actually being offered.

      All the lackeys supporting Trump kept promising they’d show all the fraud–but ONLY AFTER they got into court which, even the lawyers among them should’ve known, is NOT how courts deal with evidence. Courts have to see the evidence BEFORE a single syllable is uttered by any attorney in the courtroom to determine whether the evidence actually merits the court’s attention in the first place; a lot of “evidence” winds up being excluded from presentation (for numerous and varied reasons).

  2. Best to treat this as potentially good news. If this twit keeps claiming fraud in the primary, it means her supporters won’t show up for the actual election.

  3. I wish AZ voters/citizens would wake up, pay attention. AZ is pretty much ground zero for the destruction of our nation. If dumb ass twats like Lake get elected your rights in AZ will be gone. It will not matter if you are male, white, x-tian, whatever, when states and then the nation become authoritarian regimes there is very little room at the top of the power pyramid. It’s not just people of color, LGBTQ folks, women, non x-tians, etc. who will have no agency, it will be everyone not at the top of the pyramid. I cannot understand WHY people wanting an authoritarian regime do not get it: they will VERY unhappy once they get a taste of it just like every other citizen living in those kinds of nations.


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