To a casual reader, or one with an early 2nd grader’s reading comprehension – which I would hazard most of her followers sport – Kari Lake’s tweet suggesting her Sunday “Save Arizona” rally attendance compared to the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium (capacity 76,000 +) for the same evening’s AFC title game, would seem to have attracted more than 300,000 souls.


More careful perusal, however, reveals the “four times” capacity claim does not refer to Arrowhead Stadium but rather the conference room of the Orange Tree Golf Resort in Scottsdale, Az. where she lost one of her capacity crowd due to his being an anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, holocaust denying, mask fearing bigot…

But here is her crowd size tweet, with responses…

Thanks for clean up, stelenj…


Ah, the 2nd grader in question…

Well, not exactly, but…


Almost nobody.

As she should be…



Appropriate venue:

Shaq gets it

Lake it seems to me is near to equalling her deranged guru drumpf in ability to torture the truth, dissemble, and outright lie while simultaneously grifting her ass off.

So there is hope for all of the minor-league election denying Bozos out there – study hard, kids and you can get to the circus yourself one day.

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  1. She could be a “weather bunny”. That was a term I learned from my ex-husband that means a pretty young thing that kind of air-headed and basically reads the weather report.

  2. MAGAs will eat this magician like misdirection with a spoon! And Trump will be impressed as hell with it which was probably the point.


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