Kari on my wayward son. There will be no peace until she is done and she’s not stopping. Alas. We’re stuck with her.

Now you’ve seen the birth of a star in the MAGA firmament. Kari Lake sprang on the scene, believing herself to be already a legend, from her years as an anchor on Fox10 in Phoenix, and decided that she would be the next governor of Arizona.

And that’s fine. That’s democracy. Of course she had the right to run for the office. But she does not have any right, either legally or morally, to claim that she did win the office when she clearly lost. But that’s not stopping her upward path. She couldn’t get elected governor, fine. She’s going back into show biz, for that’s what TV news is, and this time onstage at Amfest, December 17-20, in Phoenix.

Take a look at the Amfest lineup and barf. Josh Hawley, Lauren Boebert, Mike Lindell, and believe it or not, Newt Gingrich is showing up as well. It’s an all-star MAGA cast and it goes on for three interminable days.

That is about the size of it. I’m sure Trump goes to sleep at night muttering, “I had a landslide in Georgia,” where they recounted the votes THREE TIMES and found nothing out of place.

Arizona dropped a house on her and she still isn’t gone. Where is Ellen Ripley when we need her? “Die, you bitch!”

In 2055 I’ll be 102 years old and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about this. You think I’m kidding? I kid you not. I figured this out a while back.

I’m stuck in a Twilight Zone episode. And you’re here with me. Back in the real world, Hillary won and is serving her second term and it’s a completely different scene over there. But you and I are stuck here with these people. Deal with it. I have.



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