You all know I have four daughters, but one is unfortunately estranged from me, having chosen her mother decades ago. When I had my knee replaced more than a decade ago, two of my daughters flew into Vegas from Oregon to join my local 3rd daughter for a surprise good luck lunch. A few years later, for my birthday, my 4th, local daughter had me meet her at The Wynn for a buffet dinner. My baby and her husband flew in for a birthday surprise. Whatever else I f*cked up in my life, apparently I didn’t f*ck up raising my kids. A matter of pride and honor. And I didn’t have unlimited financial resources to do the job right.

And so I ask you, how pathetic of a father and human being is the former Loser in Chief, Donald Trump? Apparently pretty f*cking pathetic. Let’s just take a quick look at only what the public knows of Trump’s family history, from public reporting.

  • Trump, the ultimate scumbag, once bragged to a reporter that his 0oldest daughter Ivanka was smoking hot, and if he wasn’t her father, he’d probably be dating her, a young woman 30 years his junior
  • When Trump went to the White House, Jarvanka went with him as unpaid advisors, to avoid nepotism laws. But apparently that much close exposure to a mountain troll was more than enough for the two of them. To the point that after the Trump White House, when they bought an estate in Florida, they bought one some 30-40 miles from Mar-A-Lago to provide distance
  • Apparently Marla Maples also raised her daughter Tiffany right too. After the divorce, Maples moved Tiffany as far away as she could, and kept paternal contact to a minimum. And as a result, other than a handful of campaign appearances where poor tiffany looked uncomfortable and scared sh*tless, she’s remained beyond the fray

And now, here we are, at a pivotal time in Traitor Tot’s wasted 77 year long life. Trump is now a criminal defendant in a New York state case that could not only land him in the clink, but tank his chances for reelection to avoid upcoming federal criminal charges. Especially for a political public persona, it should be all-hands-on-deck for every family member that still has a pulse. And what have we seen? It looks like this;

  • Jarvanka are so MIA that they’re starting to put pictures of them on milk cartons in southern Florida
  • His faithful wife Melania seems to have a daily Brazilian bikini hot wax appointment that she just can’t break. Even though, as a guy, I thought one would last at least a week or so
  • Forget about Barron. Not only isn’t Melania shipping him up to New York, with or without an escort to sit in a courtroom and listen to people talk about what a piece of sh*t his father is, she also shot down Trump’s dreams of turning the poor kid into a sock puppet as a delegate to the Republican National Convention
  • At least his second oldest son, Eric, has shown up in court twice to sit behind his father for moral support, but that was just a repayment for Daddums making his useless wife a power broker in the RNC

Take my word for it. This trial is absolutely killing Trump’s delicate ego. If the dumb sh*t had ever bothered to study history, I am certain that he would compare his current legal difficulties with Napoleon banished to the Isle of Elba. 

From his first indictment and arraignment, His Lowness has repeatedly, at almost every turn tried to exhort his slobbering base to turn up in mass protests at courthouses to show their support. And yet he has yet once to churn up enough support to have more protesters present in court than reporters there to cover him. Eric Trump made two pro forma appearances trying to get a leg up on Donald Jr. over whatever is left over of the Trump Organization once the dust from the fraud lawsuit settles. And nobody else gives a sh*t.

Donald Trump is a man on an island. He must feel like Louis XIV as the cart rolled to the platform with the guillotine on it. He is a man without friends or supporters, at the moment when he needs them the most.

And so El Pendejo Presidente is doing what he always does. He’s packing the gallery. If you cast your mind back, you might remember that the first scandal to erupt on the then brand new, fledgling Trump campaign was that the campaign, fearing a small crowd, had engaged a talent agency specializing in crows extras to pack the lobby of Trump Tower for his announcement for the princely sum of $50 a pop.

And he’s doing it again now. As the Dark Lord of the GOP, he who shall not be named has a new litmus test for even a prayer of a position in s future Trump administration. Show up in court to support Glorious Bleater in his time of ultimate peril.

And they’re responding. But not with the garish excess of the campaign rollout of 2015. This time they’re measuredly showing up in pairs. And as a result, over the last couple of days, we have seen a small parade of soulless, amoral, sycophants like Rick Scott of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina, JD Vance of Ohio, and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama sit stoically behind Trump for as long as they can stand having mud thrown at their graven idol, and then run in front of cameras and spew.

By far my favorite is Alabama inbred moron Tommy Tuberville. He stormed up to the cameras outside of court and said something akin to, This trial is a disgrace! They have the Republican nominee for President in there, and they’re subjecting him to emotional abuse in a courtroom that is totally depressing!

News Flash! for the eternal disgrace to the SEC! If you were a black man in Alabama who had been dragged into an Alabama courtroom, you’d know damn well how depressing criminal courtrooms are! Courtrooms in this country deal largely with criminals, and they’re not meant to be the legal equivalent of High Tea at the Savoy. They’re depressing because they’re meant to convey the seriousness of what goes on inside of them, you stupid sh*t!

If I were to keel over tomorrow and be taken to a hospital, I could damn near guarantee you that within 36 hours my three daughters and their husbands would be at my side. That’s what loving families do. But at the age of 77, in the worst personal and legal trouble of his life, the only defenders that Trump can find are a bunch of soulless, amoral sycophantic ghouls looking for one more suckle at the Trump teat. I will close with a quote from Shakespeare from King Lear, How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I saw a report that our illustrious Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton put in at least a day, sitting in support of his lowness.

  2. The GOP Congressmen and Senators showing up want to be his Veep because there’s a good chance he may stroke out or have a heart attack and they will automatically become President. They are wrong. Fat Donni’s Dad lived into his 90s, though in his later years he was pretty much a vegetable. tfg could follow in his footsteps.


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