Good afternoon friends and welcome to another episode of The Cocaine Hour, starring Donald Trump, Jr. In today’s PSA announcement, delivered with flailing hands and barely open eyes, Junior opines on the subject of Joe Biden telling people to get vaccinated right before Hurricane Ian made landfall.

Where did Junior get that information, you ask? And well you should, since Joe Biden didn’t say squat about vaccination recently.

He did, however, make a statement to that effect in 2021 and evidently Junior found it, and in his condition anything he finds just happened five minutes ago, when he took his last line became more animated than usual.

To quote Rick Wilson, “He is legit ramped out of his goddamn mind.”

Joe Biden didn’t say anything about this just before Hurricane Ian. He said it in 2021. Here’s the transcript from the White House.

What got Junior on the rampage is that an old Fox News video from 2016 got rebroadcast and that, along with Biden’s comments, were put together as being a current White House message.

Marsha Blackburn threw a monkey wrench into the works, because of course she did. That’s what she does best.

Blackburn apparently saw the old video as well. Here is a link to WBNS TV, where they fact checked this story piece by piece.

Here’s the bottom line. Junior, Blackburn, and the lot of them are trolls. They are looking for something to bitch about. They don’t verify or fact check ANYTHING! They find something to gin up outrage over and they run for it. They consider this “governance” of some sort, keeping the MAGA base inflamed and worried.

The MAGAs scream about fake news when the only progenitors of fake news are themselves. If they would STFU and stop trolling people with disinformation, the culture war would die down and some real healing could begin in this country. Don’t hold your breath.

As to Junior, I don’t think he’s going to make it to his next birthday if he doesn’t get some help.

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