(Disclaimer: Judge Cannon may not be, in fact, for sale.)

So, in the big news today, Judge Donald Middlebrooks, down in Florida, dismissed with great dispatch the BS lawsuit that drumpf brought against HRC and FBI agent Peter Strzok, a slew of other LEO defendants (and all their little dogs, probably) for conspiring to bring it to the attention of the American people that he was absolutely working with Russia, Russia, Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Middlebrooks didn’t mince his words:


“Plaintiff’s theory of this case, set forth over 527 paragraphs in the first 118 pages of the Amended Complaint, is difficult to summarize in a concise and cohesive manner. It was certainly not presented that way,” he writes.

“More troubling, the claims presented in the Amended Complaint are not warranted under existing law. In fact, they are foreclosed by existing precedent, including decisions of the Supreme Court,” Middlebrooks writes…

… As one example, he notes that “perplexingly” Trump argues that the defendants obstructed investigation Crossfire Hurricane—the FBI’s investigation into Russian election interference—“by contributing to the initiation of Crossfire Hurricane.”

“That Defendants could have obstructed a proceeding by initiating it defies logic,” Middlebrooks writes.

The judge points out another headscratcher, wondering how Trump can claim any “supposed falsehoods” damaged his political career when he must know that “he—not Defendant Clinton—won the 2016 presidential election.”

But my favorite part of his dismissal was pointed out below by Twitter Attorney Don Lewis:

Why are we not surprised?

Yup. And her sponsor Marco Rubio.

But we do.

You said it so I don’t have to… Steve.



How can he keep getting away with this shit?



Friggin’ Trump breaks the law when he sleeps.

I am sure our laws are sufficient to stop him, what is lacking is political courage.

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  1. Is it a coincidence that she, Stephen Miller & Nixon all attended the elitist private school known as dook to us UNC fans? Grow up rich & privileged & reinforce the cliché that the rich stick together. Hmm.

    • Oh, I’m sure that’s just a wild coincidence.

      Just like all those Republican senators being in Russia on that July 4th, and all those Trump associates who got caught committing crimes.

      Pure coincidences do bedevil Dimwit Donny don’t they?

    • Is Hunter Biden in that crowd? They’ve found he’s up to $30 million in pay for a favors in the investigation of Hunter Biden. You guys don’t know that because you’re being censored. Hell we all are being censored, you just have to dig and dug to find out. Google is hard to find stuff about this or whatever is against a Demorcate.



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