Maybe John Eastman is trying to cop an insanity plea, ya spose? Because it’s either that, or this is how bonkers the man really is, in which case it makes complete sense that he’s on the brink of losing his law license and possibly being incarcerated for his role in the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This is classic. This is one of the most batshit things I’ve ever heard.

If he believes this, that the Democrats actually were in the process of “stealing” the election, then he has totally lost it. What he’s really saying here, and we knew it at the time, is that Donald Trump had no intention of accepting the results of the election if they weren’t in his favor. The system only “works” when he’s victorious. When he loses, then suddenly it’s corrupt. Welcome to our world, Donald, where you have to simply stomach results that are unpalatable until you can get back to the ballot box the next go around.

For Eastman to sit there and say all this with a straight face is amazing. It makes you wonder two things: 1) Does anybody in his think tank world ever let reality in at all? 2) How much money did Trump pay and/or promise him to cobble together some fiction that would actually fly?

The only existential crisis here is Eastman’s. He put together this bizarro world legal theory that wouldn’t hold water and now he’s going to very probably lose his law license over it — and well he should — and he may go to prison, as co-conspirator 2.

Eastman is not an intellectual, he’s merely a crackpot. If this is the intellectual standard bearer of the GOP in this day and age, no wonder they’re in the world of hurt that they are.


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  1. Remember the line “Just keep thinkin Butch – That’s what you’re good at”? This Eastman dude is the OPPOSITE of Butch Cassidy on that score, but legally he’s going to meet the same fate Butch and Sundance did.

  2. I’d like to say to magats “see, there was an attempt to steal the election but it was YOUR guy” but it would be a waste of breath and being alive I have better things to do with it.

    Everything, from the umpty-squat number of court cases to these numb-nuts ADMITTING they were trying to steal the election and install trump, ought to be enough to convince magats they are on the wrong train and need to get off of it before it goes off the rails. Aside from the probability that they are many bricks short of a load, I cannot think of a good reason to support this idiot grifter.

  3. It’s somewhat true then “Three great forces rule thw world. Stupidity. Fear. Greed.” Albert Einstein. And “Every word has consequences …” Jean Paul Sartre.

  4. They might think they live in an ‘alternate reality’, but there is only one reality we all live in.

    All the ‘alternate realities’ their ‘think’ tanks come up with aren’t realities, they’re fantasies.

    They are not realists, they are fantasists.

    But he’s about to find out what reality is.

  5. To Mr Eastman: First, it’s not the Dems who are an “existential threat” to anybody, it’s YOUR side. The GOP have proved over the past decade how much of a genuine existential threat they are to the country AND the world with the MAGAts like yourself leading the charge.

    Second, to answer your question about “what are you supposed to do,” well, I can’t rightfully post the exact phrase here (as it would likely get me banned) but it was the ONLY *good* decision that Adolf Hitler ever made. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you could emulate Yukio Mishima after HIS failed Japanese coup attempt (of course, you don’t have the guts–for those who know Mishima’s fate, sorry about that pun).


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